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Shampoo Bars will give you everything they love about liquid shampoo but without the plastic bottle!

It’s time to switch to shampoo bars!

Shampoo bars tend to be much more cost effective in comparison to liquid shampoo – these generous 60g bars will last you much longer than a standard bottle of shampoo!

They also take up less room in the shower as bars can be stored in small tins or on soap trays – a lot handier if you have limited space in your bathroom.

Shampoo bottles can get slippery in the shower or the lids can be hard to open, but it’s safe to say you’ll never have those problems with shampoo bars

Eco-friendly packaging

They don’t contain any chemicals that go into waterways and cause potential harm to wildlife.

Shampoo bars are made from natural ingredients, and don’t contain any artificial fragrance (which is especially good for those with sensitive skin) using essential oil power and scent

Free from SLS which can cause dryness and irritation.

Zero Waste for both hair health and the planet

Shampoo bars are perfect for travel because they don’t take up much room and there’s no risk of mid-flight leakages

Select from our 7 great scents to find a bar suitable for your hair type:

Tutti Fruitti – Silk and Glow

Aloe Vera – No Frizz

Papaya – Curl Quench

Cherry BonBon – Stop Dandruff

Hairy Coconut – Thick and Bouncy

Orchid – Repair and Grow

Lavender and Tea Tree – Conditioner

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