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Pure, Natural & Aromatic.. these soaps are SLS and parabens free, made with botanicals and essential oils and each one made to be used for a different purpose. Eg Morning fresh, to wake you up, or Gardener scrub (with pumice) to shift that tough garden dirt.

Crafted in England, the land of Soap and Glory.. makes you proud to be British and extra clean.

Inspired by the ancient Celtic myth of the Greenman: natural, earthy and vibrant – thus was born from the mists of the forest this handcrafted range of cold-processed elemental soaps.

Using only sustainable palm oil, age-old botanicals and pure aromatic oils these almost mythical soaps will transform your daily wash into a cleansing ritual to be savoured. And the Greenman will protect you and your family because as well as a wonderful wash they are certified free from SLS and Parabens.

Choose from:

Moroccan Argan – Argan & Rosemary
Coconut Cool & Calm – Coconut & Lime
Bath Time Deluxe – Rosewood & Ylang
Manly Man – Clove & Sage
Antiseptic Spot Attack – Tea Tree & Peppermint
Gentle & Kind – Carrot Seed & Shea Butter
Morning Fresh – Frankincense & Bergamot
Gardener’s Scrub – Lemon & Basil

Completely Plastic Free and Natural for use by ALL SKIN TYPES

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