Please allow me to introduce myself… Between Green

As I write this post its Sunday 29th March 2020. In the early hours we, following GMT, changed the clocks one hour forward. So being woken up by a hyper German Shepherd seemed a little more bearable when I glanced over to see 7:10am.

Not only are the clocks changing, but we are going through a global adaptation to new ways of living that in some cases are worlds apart from everything we’ve ever known.

My business started as a personalisation company not too long ago, a light at the end of the part-time day job that pays my bills. I could be creative and in control. The journey I’ve been on in the last few months and the lessons I’ve learnt have led me to now. Researching how my passion can translate into the world, and maybe even change it a little (see there’s that word again).

A lot has been going on behind the scenes preparing the business for the future and in particular, its sustainability and environmental impact. It’s been on the cards (aka. endless scribbling in my journal) for a while now, but now with the gift of more time at home, its a perfect time to change.

We are now Between Green

As we always have, we specialise in Eco- Friendly gifts, accessories and organic clothing. What will change is introducing new products giving us not only a wider catalogue, but more opportunities for us all to be more environmentally friendly.

Small Changes add up to Big Results

Our Products can help with those changes but its up to you.

So as well as stocking a wide range of Eco- Friendly products we will share stories of other businesses doing their bit for Mother Earth, and we hope to bring you our first review and Guest Blog very soon.

If you follow us on Instagram you will see our products in action @_between_green_

For a more daily update of Eco-Friendly finds, hints and tips we have @our_ecofriendly_home

We hope this account will make Eco-Living more accessible to all from sharing Eco bargains online and in stores, to easy-peasy tips you can do right now.

Thanks for all your support, we hope you LOVE the changes as much as we do

Jodie @ Between Green x

Eco-friendly living during the Coronavirus Pandemic

So lets face it, were not leaving home any time soon which gives us the perfect opportunity to try new things. Maybe you’re learning a new language, or painting the lounge, but have you thought about changing some of your household products and activites to make them more eco-friendly?

With shelves being wiped out of cleaning products, food and personal care items, why not beat the rush and chaos and order some eco-friendly items straight to your door. I’ve done the hard work and found all the items you need at a great price AND not out of stock!


  • Cleaning products – many popular cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can not only cause skin irritation but once down the pipes go into the oceans.

Why not try…. household cleaning products, such as acetic acid vinegar, baking soda, borax, citric acid anhydrous, Organic coconut oil, naturally occurring glycerin, sodium carbonate, and sodium cocoyl glutamate.

MadeECO Eco-friendly Washing Up Starter Kit

Dont Forget to flush through your drains and pipes with water at least once a week! During the 2003 SARS epidemic, an outbreak occurred in Amoy Gardens where over 300 residents were sickened and 42 died due to transmission via sewage and drainage pipes that had a dried U-bend.

  • In the Bathroom – there are so many alternatives to plastic toothbrushes, cotton buds, face wipes, dental floss and even the trusty toilet brush!

Why not try…. bamboo, reusable, vegan, organic items all found at

If you are able to leave the car at home for your essentials shopping trip we have drawstring back-packs ready for your walk, cycle, run or jog…

  • Workout at home – gyms are closed at the moment but keeping fit and healthy is even more important now we are more sedentary. Choose some at 100% organic active wear from our collection to get that heart rate going and looking great on your Skype, Facebook Live or Zoom workouts
  • Plant-based diet – Supermarkets are struggling at the moment with certain dry products like lentils or beans but there still seems to be steady stock for fruits and vegetables. Dodge the chaos at the supermarket look for local vegetable and fruit box deliveries. Some suppliers deliver straight from the farm so you are supporting a local business in the process.

Why not try… The Veg Box Company in Lancashire

  • Grow at Home – this might be a bit more difficult to get hold of some things you need to get going but a great idea to keep kids and adults busy and get in the garden. Herbs are easy for a window ledge if you have limited room. March/April are best times for potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Why not try… getting some seeds delivered. Check if you can support a small local business by buying online while their stores are closed.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Wash your Hands, Stay Healthy and Stay in Touch!

Love from PrintZillaUK

Work from Home Hints, Tips and Fashion

Its been a week since I was told from my employer to work at home, so the novelty has definitely worn off.

As I look at people in their little boxes on my iPad screen you can see that as the restrictions placed by the government increase, the need for make up and a hairbrush decrease.

So here are some lessons that I’ve learned over the last few days and some hints and tips to help you:

  • Exercise – I am the QUEEN of excuses but now my days aren’t as full, and I’m saving the need of time and energy to travel, I have signed up to daily sessions with a local personal trainer. It costs £5 for a 30 min session starting at 7am or 7pm. I set my alarm so I’m ready for 7am then I’m set for the day. Remember all your local personal trainers will be out of work right now so try and see if there’s some in your area providing live online workouts. If not, try The Body Tailor on Facebook and Instagram, to join in with me and many others. Good news is only Liberty the trainer can see you no one else can.
Team Avocado Workout Vest
  • Showers & Baths – wash, wash, wash your hands. But you cant beat the feeling of a fresh shower in the morning to start the day. Its all part of coming up with a routine to structure your day, so you’re not feeling lost and unaccomplished.

  • Journals and to-do lists – I always use a journal, but I have found this invaluable for dealing with everyone in the house. After my workout and shower I have a cup of coffee with the to-do lists in front of me. I write my children’s schedule for home school with plenty of breaks for drinks, snacks and outside fresh air, so I don’t have them asking me every few minutes “what shall I do now?” its written down and the work is done. Try to assign times for each task so you know exactly WHAT to do but also WHEN.

I keep all my journal necessities, the books, stickers, pens, etc in a tote bag so I have it with me all the time and I can work on it properly wherever I am.

Journal Tote Bag
  • Breaks – Especially if you find yourself sat in front of a screen and/or sat in the same position most of the day. The HSE suggest that short, frequent breaks are better than less frequent longer breaks, so a 5-10 minute break after 50-60 minutes is better than a 20 minute break every 3 hours. Which is coincidently how long it takes to put the kettle on and throw the dog a tennis ball a few times.
  • Cozy comfy – Even your favourite pair of PJ’s get boring after a while, or at least need to go in the laundry. I need a hoodie/sweatshirt for chilling out at home. Here’s a few of my favourites:

Water and Healthy Snacks – Day one of working from home was powered by a lot of coffee, but led to unbearable headaches. I’m no good at drinking water anyway but the tap is right there. Why not invest in an eco-friendly water bottle rather than plastic bottles that destroy our oceans.

I use a bottle from Chilly’s. They have so many designs with turtles, whales and small sizes for children.

£10 from the sale of their Refill Bottle goes to supporting their award-winning campaign to prevent plastic pollution at source by making it easier to reuse and refill your water bottle on the go than buy a single-use plastic bottle.

With tens of thousands of Refill Stations and hundreds of thousands of app downloads, we’ve proven that Refill has the power to create a tipping point in reducing plastic pollution at source. If all our Refill stations are used just twice a day, we’re stopping around 10 million plastic bottles at source in a year.

What is Circular Fashion?


Circular Fashion is the process of making new clothing from old clothing items. Instead of filling our already overflowing landfill with clothes that are outgrown/no longer needed/damaged, you can send the items to a company that will then use the material to create something new.


Of course, as well as helping the environment by not contributing to landfill, our clothing gives you £5 credit on another item. So when you’re ready for the next size up or down or just a new colour injection to your wardrobe you get £5 off!


Every product we make is designed to be sent back to us when it is worn out using 100% organic cotton. A pure material makes remanufacturing possible, and means products that are softer, and not harmful to the environment.


Easy Peasy, pop it in the post FOR FREE!

credit: HuffingtonPostUK

Read the Circular Fashion article from ELLE:

See some of our 100% organic clothing items here:

And this is how it starts…

I thought I’d use Today’s Blog to introduce the face behind Between Green, including the why, who, what, when, where…. so get a brew and a blanket and I’ll get started…

My name is Jodie, me and my family live in Greater Manchester. We also have a dog called Pippa

Ive been lucky most of my working life to work for huge companies but It will come as news to no-one that times are a changing. One thing that has been present, since cavemen wrapped the fur from his latest kill round his waist, is clothing. Since I had any say over what I wore (the red wool jumper with a horses head complete with mane wasn’t my choice, cheers mum) ive always gone for a slogan, an image, something interesting. I still remember the “Miss Behave” long sleeved black number from Etam and the “Little Miss Brit” baseball style top I wore during my teenage years living in Belgium.

Thats the thing with clothes. You can speak without saying a word.

As I prepared to write this entry, it made me really think about why I choose clothing with slogans, text and/or images. I’ve always been big. Always rummaging to the back of the rails for the bigger sizes, picking up anything that fit rather than what I liked. And a Tshirt or Hoodie looks good on everyone right? The slogan took it from being a basic essential into a statement. One I was hoping was enough to hide the fact I was a size 16-18 all the way through secondary school. If I was going to be seen, I wanted some control of what they saw.

We live a stones throw away from one of the biggest cities in the UK, and one that is known worldwide (mostly for football, red or blue, I dont care) and we love to go to festivals and concerts. Big gatherings, millions of faces all with their own stories, lives, beliefs and music choice (As you may have noticed from this posts title my choice is The 1975).

I can be heard in the noise of a city,

I can be seen in a crowd,

I have a voice in the silence,

I can say what I want when I want,

I can be inspirational without a stage,

I can practise free speech without demanding anyone to listen,

I can share my views without using anyone’s time,

I can support my friends, family, causes I believe in, charities I want to give exposure to using no energy at all.

Words are good, they can be heard but they can also be ignored, have empty meanings, break trust, break a heart. Its actions that speak louder than words, so grab it, pull it over your head and that’s all the action you need to take (and maybe a quick selfie).

Makers Market Warrington Easter Sunday 12th April 2020

At the time of writing, the Makers Market in Warrington is still scheduled to go ahead. We have a stall on that date and are looking forward to our first Makers Market.

As the event takes place outside in the open fresh air it is safer than enclosed supermarkets, etc.

Advice from Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jenny Harries, on BBC Breakfast this week:

“At outdoor events the virus won’t survive very long. Outside it will lose its viability to transmit disease, and so, outdoor events particularly, are relatively safe.”

The organisers have put measures in place to ensure stall holders and visitors are in the safest environments.

It goes without saying if you do feel unwell, or have been to any of the affected areas such as Italy, to self isolate.

Otherwise, if you feel like a bit of fresh air and able to support small businesses at this time when they need it most, we will be there.

For more information visit:

The C Word

First of all, we are hoping this update post finds everyone well.

We are constantly inundated with news concerning the Coronavirus pandemic so we shall keep it short and sweet.

The positives, currently we can send still items and we have a lot of stock to hand so its just a case of us getting to the Post Office.

Working from home has given us time to research new products to release soon. We’ve found some exciting and unusual items we’ve never seen before so we are eager to get these available to you soon.

Negatives, many of our craft fairs and markets have been cancelled. We really enjoy these events and depend on them for networking and raising awareness of our business.

We attended 2 events this weekend and we’re so pleased to see people supporting the causes for which they were taking place.

Mother’s Day/ Easter / Spring Fairs and Markets

We’ve been busy applying for holding a stall at our local craft markets and fairs.

So far we have bookings for the dates below.

If you live locally why not pop over and say Hello! (Greater Manchester area ) as well as supporting the event

Hope to see some of you soon 😀

Church of the Holy Family
Saturday 14th March
St Johns Catholic Club
Sunday 15th March
St Stephens Primary School Astley
21st March 2020
Airedale Methodist Church
Saturday 11th April

International Women’s Day 2020

International Womens Day falls Sunday 8th March this year.

This day resonates with me today and everyday as a strong female and mother to a fierce daughter!

A few weeks ago my daughter finished school and as we normally do, we had a conversation about her day at school while encouraging her to eat some fruit rather than filling up on Bourbon Biscuits.

During her Citizenship and Values lesson at school that day they were asked “what do you hate?” as part of a project.

Amongst the sea of popular answers; spiders, the dark, vegetables…. my daughter answered “patriarchy”.

I’m lucky my daughter has always been interested in tales of strong women. Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama, and less familiar to me Rita Levi-Montalcini, who was honoured a Nobel Prize in Neurobiology.

Equality between Males and Females in society continues to feature in our news and social media. I’m hoping that stories from females of the past encourage females of our future.

After all, the Future is Female.

Dr Kershaws Hospice to Hospice Walk

PrintZillaUK has joined forces with Dr Kershaws Hospice for their upcoming event. Their annual Hospice to Hospice Walk will be taking place on Sunday 26th April 2020 starting at Dr Kershaws Hospice in Royton, Oldham for a 7.25 mile round trip allowing participants to stop nearby at the Springhill Hospice for a brew. On completion, participants receive a commemorative medal!

we are donating 7.25% of all orders for the event to Dr Kershaws Hospice