Green Your Cleaning Routine

Cleaning might not be the top of your list but its about to become easier and greener than ever!

Take a look at the contents in our April Subscription Box from Between Green!

Evie Blue Starter Box – Eco Friendly Cleaners

Evie Blue is the new fun and easy way to clean your home that is good for you and good for the planet!

Each sachet contains a biodegradable soluble powder you dissolve into water reusing a bottle you have at home reducing the use of plastic. They contain no harmful chemicals so your home and the environment are toxin free.

Each starter box contains 12 refills including Sanitary (perfect for bathrooms), Floor Cleaner, Interior, Sanitizer and Kitchen cleaner.

Eco Scrubber – The Eco Coach House

Say HELLO to your new cleaning buddy!

Sarah over at The Eco Coach House makes every single one of these double sided sponges by hand in her family owned coach house in Dorset.

With it’s hessian scrubbing side and cotton waffle on the other side, it will work on any task from kitchen to bathroom, windows to floors and everywhere in between!

There’s not a single sign of plastic unlike those awful green and yellow sponges that are made entirely of plastic releasing microplastics into our waterways with every use.

These high-quality eco-friendly sponges will last lots longer than most sponges on the market and can be thrown in the washing machine or even the top drawer of your dishwasher between uses.

The materials are all 100% compostable so at the end of its life it can be thrown into your compost bin and out of landfill.

Bicarbonate of Soda

This wonder product will transform your home allowing you to make so many of your household products in minutes.

See our blog for loads of ways to use bicarbonate of soda around the home.

You can also watch the video of making your own dishwasher tablets HERE

Citric Acid

Need tough but natural cleaning solutions? You need citric acid! It’s perfect for removing rust and limescale as well as all these uses:

  • Limescale on taps
  • Coffee machines
  • Metal Cleaner
  • Soap Scum
  • Dishwasher Cleaner
  • Kettle Descaler
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Oven Cleaner
  • Rust

Make Your Own Toilet Cleaner using Bicarbonate of soda, Citric Acid and Essential Oils:

  • 1 cup bicarbonate of soda
  • 1/4 cup of citric acid
  • 1 tsp of essential oil of your choice (lemon, tea tree and lavender works well)
  • White Vinegar

Mix the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid in a glass bowl

Gradually add a drop of essential oil at a time to the mixture, stirring thoroughly until the essential oils are combined.

Put the entire mixture into a glass jar with a handy scoop or wooden spoon

Flush your toilet to remove any waste including tissue

Sprinkle the powder mixture around the bowl using the spoon/scoop

Use the toilet brush to scrub around the bowl and under the rim.

Spray white vinegar into bowl allowing the mixture to ‘fizz’ and leave for 30 mins (preferably over night)

Flush again leaving a clean and fresh smelling toilet and bathroom

Solid Washing Up Block

Did you know the brand favourite of washing up liquid contains crude oil?

Ditch the chemicals, water and plastic bottle when washing your dishes with a solid washing up block from LoofCo.

Enjoy the fresh lime scent of this palm oil free washing up bar that are simple to use and biodegradable.

These eco-friendly soap bars are plastic-free and zero-waste without all the waste and excess packaging of washing up soap bottles.

They’re designed to be non-toxic and palm oil free using organic coconut oil instead to cut through grease and dirt with ease.

They’re free from SLS and Parabens and use vegan ingredients without losing any effectiveness.

Not only can they be used for washing up, they can also be used for handwashing clothes giving them versatility throughout the house.

Simple Laundry Swaps to Save The Planet

Avoiding hazardous substances in laundry detergent is essential as you look for ways to improve the health of your household.

The majority of laundry products you see on the shelves contain a chemical concoction of potential harm to people, pets, and the environment. Chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (Nonoxynol, NPEs) are known to cause harm to eyes, skin, lungs and damage to other internal organs that can be fatal with prolonged use.    

After discovering studies of top-selling laundry and air-freshening products finding that they emitted dozens of toxic and hazardous chemicals (which weren’t listed on the label!) I switched my laundry routine to be greener.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Forget big bottles of bright blue/green/pink/purple liquids and plastic boxes of liquid tablets, I made the switch to Laundry Detergent sheets.

The first big plus for me was the amount of space I was saving! Bottles and boxes taking up space under the sink is now a thing of the past! No bigger than a large letter envelope, they fit under my sink perfectly!

Unlike commercial laundry detergents, laundry detergent sheets contain no harsh chemicals! Made with plant-based ingredients, these sheets are biodegradable and dissolve completely in your washing machine with no optical brighteners or dyes.

Fragrance is an umbrella term that includes so many unknown chemicals as companies aren’t required by law to list what exactly ‘fragrance’ in their product means. Added fragrance also give you the sense of an item being ‘clean’ without improving the efficiency of the detergent in anyway. These laundry sheets are proud to contain 100% natural fragrance using essential oils and plant extracts. You can choose unscented but my personal favourite is the fresh linen scent.

Saving the planet one load at a time, these sheets are Plastic-Free! The packaging is fully recyclable paper reducing plastic waste while simplifying storage and transport. With so much less to transport around, and no plastic jug (with the main ingredient being water), laundry detergent sheets help you lighten your load on the environment saving transportation fuel and CO2 from shipping products around the country and the world.

With a lower water and carbon footprint, our laundry detergent sheets offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional liquid detergents and pods.

They are super easy to use and mess free, simply add into the load with your clothes! For smaller loads you can tear the strip in half.

Fabric Softener

Looking for a fabric softener you can see images of babies, bunnies and anything to insinuate soft and delicate, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth!

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets are not required by law to list all their ingredients on the label so here’s a list of what you could find:

  • Chloroform
  • A-Terpineol
  • Benzyl Alcohol
  • Benzyl Acetate
  • Ethanol
  • Pentane
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Linalool
  • Phthalates
  • Limonene

Together these chemicals can cause a host of health problems including respiratory problems, central nervous system problems, eye irritation, dizziness, headaches and nausea.

Also, just to let you know several of these ingredients are on the EPA’s hazardous waste list.

So, when you take a long sniff of your fresh laundry you are probably inhaling a cocktail of toxic chemicals. Not to mention what is being absorbed through yours and your family’s skin when wearing your clothes.

Swap your chemical filled plastic bottles for this greener and cheaper alternative – white vinegar!

Vinegar is mildly acidic and this acid helps to soften fabric fibres as well as remove odours and prevent scents that may be caused by mildew in your washing machine.

The vinegar helps remove any detergent and soil that is clinging to fabric clothes feeling soft and clean.

I add a drop of essential oils to my white vinegar for an amazing natural toxic-free scent boost!

Pour white vinegar into a glass bottle or jar that holds around 500ml then one drop of lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and lemon to the white vinegar. Secure the lid and shake, then its ready to use!

Tumble Dryer Sheets

Now, your clothes are clean, its ready to dry. Whether you use a tumble dryer, air dryer or get that perfect day’s weather to hang on the line, there’s an eco-friendly way of doing it.

If you’re choosing to air dry forget plastic pegs and make the switch to sustainable wooden pegs. If you’re sick of plastic pegs snapping and breaking choose pegs made of FSC® certified beech wood and a durable steel spring. These pegs are packaged in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box making them 100% plastic free.

Obviously, air drying is the most eco-friendly option, but we are not always blessed with the driest weather or temperatures in the UK. To reduce your tumble dryer impact, add some wool balls to the dryer drum. Available in most shops and supermarkets, these wool balls will reduce drying time and reduce wrinkles on your clothes – less ironing – yay! Using wool balls mean you can also use a lower drying temperature which will help maintain the quality of your garments.

I add a drop of each of the essential oils listed above on my wool dryer balls for even more scent boost! Just add one drop of each; lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint for tumble dryer freshness without the need for wasteful tumble dryer sheets.

Those little sheets can contain volatile organic compounds like butane and acetaldehyde, which can cause respiratory irritation. They also contain quaternary ammonium compounds, some of which are linked to conditions such as asthma.

Eliminating dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners with damaging elements from your home will contribute towards effectively improving your indoor air quality.

Isn’t it time we said NO to chemicals and YES to natural cleaners that work effectively, save the planet, save money and save yourself from chemical inducing health issues?

I’d love to see you over on my social media platforms where I share all my favourite top tips, expose more big brands and show you how easy it is to be eco-friendly no matter who, what, where, why or when!

Find all Simple Living Eco Laundry Products here including the Laundry Sheets and my other favourite, Natural Stain Remover Baruse the code JODIC5 at checkout

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International Women’s Day 2022 – March Subscription Box – #IWD2022

Hello March! New Month, New Box!

This months box theme is International Women’s Day so look out for the best eco friendly products made by fabulous females coming through your letterbox!

Let me introduce you to the wonderful women contributing to this months box and their inspirational stories of wanting to make the world a better place for us all!

Mrs Sparkle – Natural Cleaning Products

With over 10 years domestic cleaning experience at Mrs Sparkle, Nicky identified a need for natural and eco-friendly cleaning products at an affordable price for all.

Since changing to natural, eco friendly cleaning I can honestly say that these things have disappeared, along with the extreme tiredness that seem to hit me every afternoon.  It really is better to go natural. 

Nicky developed her own brand of cleaning products range including kitchen, bathroom, glass and my personal favourite; lemon, rosemary and cinnamon bark toilet cleaner.

The Silicone Straw Company

Seeing the impact of single use plastics, Charlotte came up with a simple mission – to create a convenient alternative to single-use plastic straws.

How could I use my 15 years of manufacturing experience to make being green that little bit easier?

While some companies have their eco friendly products made in China, The Silicone Straw Company manufacture their straws here in the UK ensuring sustainability for the environment and local economy.

ECOnsider – Organic, Eco-Friendly Skincare

Inspired by a calling to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle & a true passion for formulating skincare, Nicole set out on a quest to develop high quality natural products that don’t compromise on performance to make the transition to sustainable skin/haircare a no-brainer.

I wanted to create an experience through ECOnsider for healthier skin, body & mind. I took my inspiration from nature, which is reflected in the choice of ingredients, scent and colour of my products.

ECOnsider offers a range of thoroughly researched, handcrafted, high quality, accredited, natural & organic products made with minimal environmental impact.

Save My Knickers – Natural Stain Remover

Lucy is the creator of Save My Knickers – the period product we’ve all been waiting for! Starting in her kitchen in 2019, experimenting with lots of pairs of knickers, she found a natural stain remover tough enough for blood stains.

I have irregular and often heavy periods so blood stains have always been part of my life. I was so fed up of blood stains ruining my underwear, pyjamas and bedding.

Lucy works in the NHS as a children’s physiotherapist so starting her own business was completely new to her, but Lucy and Save My Knickers has gone on to win awards and be featured in many magazines.

Dandelion Weatherstone CIC – Vegan, Anti-Bacterial Post Surgery Knickers

Meet Ash, the founder of Dandelion Weatherstone CIC. From personal experience of a traumatic birth experience, Ash realised there was no suitable underwear available to aid healing and reduce pain from surgery such as C-sections.

I knew that I passionately wanted to not only financially help the neonatal team that saved my daughters life, but also provide funky anti-bacterial knickers.

£1 from every subscription box in March has been donated to sponsor a pair of knickers to a vulnerable person in need of vegan, antibacterial, C-section, post surgery, painful period knickers.

The Eco News – Newspaper

Forget what you know about newspapers, The Eco News is here to tell positive stories from around the globe. Editions are sent out every quarter with seasonal news, inspiration and support for small businesses.

We want to voice how people can be more sustainable, how you can make small changes to make a difference.

The Eco News was at COP26 in Glasgow and a kids edition is also available with eco-friendly games, puzzles, crafts and education.

Meaningful Mornings Ltd – Morning Routine Specialist

Timea created Meaningful Mornings Ltd to demystify the idea of morning routines and show what’s possible with making a few simple changes to your schedule.

Everything in life is possible with a strong coffee and a solid morning routine!

Timea has included an amazing discount on her online course made for anyone who wants to feel happier, more fulfilled, healthier and have more energy throughout the day.

I think you’ll agree this box is packed full with inspiration and the perfect way to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022!

Get all this through your letterbox for
£20 including UK P&P

Choose to Reuse – The Best Reusables To Switch From Single Use Plastics

With the UK governments plans to ban all single use cutlery including forks, cups and plates I’m bringing you the best plastic free reusable alternatives.

What’s the problem with single use plastics?

Single use plastic is part of our daily lives, whether it’s at work with a takeaway coffee, at home with disposables for parties or out and about, think plastic spoons and forks for food.

More than half of all single use cutlery is thrown away and not recycled. This ends up as litter, destroying natural habitats and endangering wildlife, or filling up landfill which is often incinerated causing toxins to release into our atmosphere and cancerous components into the air we breathe.

Pollution doesn’t just come from the end of use, but production of single use plastics requires energy from fossil fuels resulting in carbon emissions during production and transportation.

Plastic has well and truly reached every part of the world most shockingly the arctic where microplastics have been found in the snow.

The Best Reusable Products

Get prepared for the ban with Between Green Boxes – you’ll receive all the best reusables below and our best-selling reusable cotton tea bags for a plastic free brew any time of day all for just £20 including p&p – that’s less than the cost of a week worth of meal deals!

Ditching pre-made sandwich packets and plastic bags, foil or film on your lunch in favour of reusable sandwich wraps like these made by Eco Snack Wrap (based in Norwich, UK) will also save you money, not only from scratching sandwich bags off your shopping list, but also encouraging you to take food from home. With its hemp material and Velcro fastening it keeps any contents, from sandwiches, wraps and snacks, safe and secure.

Say no to plastic and paper straws and yes to your handy silicone straw in its handy travel tin. Even the resources to make paper straws are a waste; no one likes a soggy straw! So keep yours handy in your pocket or bag.

Grabbing some food to go? Use your reusable cutlery including fork and spoon and forget about snapping plastic as you tuck or that feeling when you taste the wood of the fork more than your meal.

Get prepared for the ban with Between Green Boxes – you’ll receive all the reusables above and our best-selling reusable cotton tea bags for a plastic free brew any time of day all for just £20 including p&p – that’s less than the cost of a week worth of meal deals!

How to have an Eco Friendly Valentines Day

Show that special someone and the planet how much you love them by ditching plastic and unsustainable gifts for these eco-friendly alternatives


My personal favourite when it comes to valentines day! But did you know your sweet treat might have a disturbing secret? According to Frank at Frankly Delicious chocolate, there’s over 1.5 million children working illegally on cocoa farms. Big companies have known about this issue for years and have yet to make any real changes and most are unable to tell you exactly where their cocoa comes from.

Change your chocolate and the world with ethical companies such as Frankly Delicious. Frank, its owner and founder, has gone from chocolatier to chocolate maker ensuring fully traceable cocoa supplies.

This year they have introduced the amazing dragon fruit infused white chocolate heart for Valentines Day. With the taste just as amazing as the bright colour you are sure for a chocolate experience like no other.


Did you know that precious metals such as silver have a huge environmental impact? From unethical labour through to pollution, your sparkly accessories might just have gloomy origins.

I was lucky enough to meet Natalie, the owner, founder and creative silversmith behind Milly and Tilly. Their jewellery collection is made from 100% recycled silver, sea glass and beach pottery from Britain’s beaches.

Check out their exclusive valentines collection and my personal favourite, mini pebble stud earrings to bring that subtle classic something extra to your everyday wardrobe.


Despite their beauty, the floristry industry has an ugly truth including child labour, insufficient wages, sexual harassment and exposure to harmful pesticides that then runs off into our water supply.

You could opt for flowers that have been grown under sustainable and ethical conditions however, the truth is they will begin to fade within a few days. So why not choose a longer lasting house plant?

As well as bringing green and nature indoors, certain types of plant have additional benefits such as purifying the air and even help to reduce stress.

Treat your loved one to a Mind, Body and Soil subscription box complete with a specially selected plant for your home and a box of themed treats.

My latest box included a beautiful Ficus plant (Freddie the Ficus) in its own eco friendly plant pot with a box based around my other true love, coffee. Coffee beans, chocolate and a circular co reusable coffee cup – what more do you need?

Gift Sets

Perfect for a cosy night in to enjoy by yourself or with a special someone, the Econsider ‘Little Box of Love’ Valentines Day Gift Box is the perfect pamper set featuring a selection of gorgeous pure, natural goodies made with carefully selected essential oils such as Ylang-Ylang, Grapefruit, Bergamot and Patchouli.

Candles and wax melts

With the growing popularity of wax melts its important to remember that soy wax isn’t as eco friendly and sustainable as you might think. The use of soy wax is responsible for deforestation in parts of the world as well as increased levels of greenhouse gases from soy production.

Scentessentials has started to change their candle and wax melt collection to use coconut wax to reduce their environmental impact. Using 100% essential oils in their products, the high quality allows for an incredible scent throw.

Relax with their ‘Unwind’ Candle made with coconut wax and a blend of cedarwood, clove, orange and lemon, the perfect partner for a night on the sofa with a romantic movie.


As much as £1.7 Billion has been spent on greeting cards in the UK with valentines day one of the biggest card buying times of the year.

Send you secret admirer an eco friendly alternative this year with BeeEcoFriendly. Their valentines collection is made from plantable paper so not only do you get a card, you can grow wildflowers!

Throw it in the garden, not in the (recycling) bin for a valentines gift that your garden, bees and butterflies will love.


Looking for something a little different this year?

Make memories and crafts without the plastic with an eco friendly craft box kit from Craft Box Club.

From painting to stitching, weaving to candle making, set a new tradition and get creative!

Subscribe or get a one-off box HERE

Make a donation

Not all donations have to be monetary, and what better time than valentines day to have a heart-to-heart and talk to your loved ones about organ donation.

Each donor can help save 9 lives.

Make sure your wishes are registered on the NHS Organ Donation website.

10 uses for Bicarbonate of Soda you haven’t tried yet:

1. Cleaning Fruit and Vegetables

Create a bath of cold water then add a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda. Add your fruit and veggies and leave for a few minutes to soak and remove any waxes and any traces of bacteria that may have been present in the soil or airborne diseases such as norovirus.

This will also help to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

2. Smelly Shoes

Bicarbonate of soda is a natural deodoriser so its perfect for smelly shoes, trainers, boots, slippers. Add a sprinkle and leave for at least an hour then remove by shaking it out into a bin or hoover it up.

3. Sore Throat

Its antibacterial properties may help to prevent infections. At the first sign of sore throat gargle 1 teaspoon dissolved in 240ml of warm water. It’s safe to repeat every four hours as needed.

4. Weed Killer

Ditch the chemicals in your garden and switch to bicarbonate of soda. Use in a spray bottle with water or sprinkle onto affected areas.

5. Defrosting

That feeling you get when you walk out to find your car frozen over. Sprinkle bicarb on your driveway to defrost in seconds.

6. Carpet Freshener

To make your own natural carpet freshener powder, use an empty jar or tub add about 100g bicarb (depending on your carpet size) and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Pop a lid on and give a shake to mix the 2 ingredients together then sprinkle onto carpets. Leave around 30 mins then use a vacuum cleaner to remove. Not only will your carpet smell fresh it will also help keep your vacuum cleaner stay fresh.

This mixture can also be used on car seats and car carpets.

7. Mouthwash

Bicarb’s natural antibacterial properties can clean the mouth and help stop the growth of bacteria. Mixed with warm water and gargled (as above; see 3) may help to prevent oral infections.

8. Dandruff

Skip the shampoo for a few weeks and massage your wet scalp with paste made of baking soda and water.

You can also add bicarb to your existing conditioner for a dandruff busting hair mask.

9. Insect bites

Apply bicarb and a little water to the affected area to neutralise bug bites.

10. Deodorant

Not just good for smelly shoes, bins and carpets; you can apply bicarb direct to stinky pits to freshen up without the chemicals or fragrances in most deodorants.

Make a deodorant paste for daily use by adding bicarb to coconut oil. You can add a drop or two of lavender essential oil for a relaxing scent or peppermint oil for mint freshness.

Ready to use bicarbonate of soda around the home?

Green your Cleaning Routine with Bicarbonate of Soda available HERE

Why I became Vegan…

I’m really looking forward to introducing you to Kirsten who I follow on Instagram (@no_blood_no.tears)

Kirsten uses her account as a Vegan Activist and also shares graphic posts to share examples of animal cruelty within industries such as farming and fur.

I would like to advise reader discretion for this blog post. Kirsten shares her personal story with powerful experiences including descriptions of animal cruelty.

Once upon a time I ate meat, looking back (and it’s only been a little over 2 years ago), it seems the weirdest thing ever!  How could I say I loved animals whilst eating them?  How could I say I loved animals whilst wearing them?  How could I say I loved animals whilst paying someone to abuse them?  My greatest regret is not having done it sooner, but all vegans say that.   

About two years before I went vegan I’d been following Joey Carbstrong, I watched his outreach debates with interest, everything he said made sense to me, but I still ate meat.  I even recall using the line, “I could never be vegan meat tastes too good”, I was one of those people that thought they couldn’t live without bacon.. despite the fact I didn’t eat it that often!

Throughout 2019 I started to eat less meat, but it wasn’t really an ethical decision, I was leaning towards cutting out meat to improve health.  I’d read How Not to Die by Dr Michael Gregor and started to try and make healthier plant based choices, but I only did it 50% of the time and if I’m honest I found it quite hard.

It was around this time that I learned the truth about dairy, how I made it to 49 years old without realising a cow had to be pregnant to produce milk, I don’t know!  This really was a bit of a revelation, I honestly thought cows produced milk because they ate grass!  I also learned that male cows born in to the dairy industry were useless and would be culled, however, even learning this truth it didn’t make me vegan.

I learned of all of the films I should watch – Dominion, Earthlings, Cowspiracy and Land of Hope and Glory… but I avoided watching them, I knew that if I watched them I wouldn’t be able to maintain my ignorance, how can you know and acknowledge what is happening and ignore it?  So I didn’t watch.

Fast forward to November 2019, I watched Game Changers.  Watching Game Changers really struck a chord with me, health wise it is a very powerful film, by the end of the film I was thinking I was going to switch to a plant based diet 80% of the time.  This was my approach in planning my new diet for the next couple of days… then the weekend arrived…and I started having second thoughts (in a good way!), I thought why only 80:20.. why not 100%.  I knew that focusing on health alone would not keep me focused.

So I put on my big girl pants and pressed play on Dominion.  Dominion starts with a close up of a pig’s eye, this was the first time I looked into a pig’s eye and really saw them.  Joaquin Phoenix’s haunting voice tells me how these animals are unseen, unheard, only livestock, faceless, their value determined only by their usefulness to humans.  I started to cry, I pretty much didn’t stop throughout the whole film.
The film finishes stating, before we kill them, we have to breed them, confine and exploit them, for food, entertainment, clothing and research.  Their entire lives from birth to death controlled by industries concerned with only profit.  He, She, They, not It – There is no humane way to kill someone who wants to live.

I’d made the decision to be vegan by choosing to watch the film, after seeing how farmed animals are abused, beaten, mocked, kicked, ridiculed & killed I could only be vegan.  After looking into a pig’s eyes and witnessing their pain, their fear, their sorrow there was no going back.

I then watched Earthlings, I am still broken by the images of the monkey used for head injury crash testing.  Once you witness the terrible injustices we cause to animals you cannot forget and you cannot go on paying for it to happen.

So, what have I learned since being vegan

The first thing I learned was that there are vegan margarines.  I used to love toast & marmalade for breakfast, I remember my first morning as a vegan, looking at my dry toast and wondering what vegans put on it!  I tried some almond butter, which wasn’t very nice… and then decided okay, I can live without toast… a few weeks, yes, weeks, later, I realised there was Flora and Vitalite spread.. and the absolute game changer Vegan Block vegan ‘butter’.

I also had the strange revelation a couple of days into my vegan life, that I couldn’t eat cheese!  I honestly became vegan without thinking about cheese.  But, I didn’t think to myself, oh this is too hard, cheese was no longer food to me, I discovered vegan cheese, I can now eat it cut straight off the block.  Once you make the connection the things you used to eat are no longer considered food.
I realised that there was a huge amount of foods out there that are accidentally vegan, I think this is a big one, I remember picking up a biscuit at my sister’s house and she said you can’t eat that, I said I can, it’s already vegan.

Being vegan takes a little bit of research initially, which is why Veganuary and Challenge 22 are such great ideas, they email you daily tips, covering all aspects of a vegan life and great recipes to try.  
Becoming vegan was eye opening in more ways than one, I became an instinctive cook, I followed recipes less, instead I started throwing things in a pan and seeing what happened.  I discovered a new love for cooking and for eating.  It is amazing how much better you feel once you no longer serve death on a plate.

Finally, the biggest thing I learned was I couldn’t just be vegan, I had to speak out for animals.  I never intended to become a vegan activist, but really, how can you not, witnessing the fear & pain in an animals eyes for myself, I knew I couldn’t be silent. 
So, are you against animal cruelty? I know it is hard to hear, but whilst you continue to eat meat, dairy and eggs, animal abuse will continue to happen in your name.

You can find Kirsten on Instagram : @no_blood_no.tears

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