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30 Day Eco-Friendly Living Challenge Day 13-16

Good Morning on Day 17 of the Eco Friendly Challenge. We are over half way through! Don’t Forget to catch up on all previous days in our BLOG Here’s a round up of Days 13-16… Day 13 – The World Without Us Slightly different… Continue Reading “30 Day Eco-Friendly Living Challenge Day 13-16”

Our Eco-Friendly Home Day 7-12

Day 7 – Bamboo Why Bamboo? Bamboo is the world’s fastest naturally renewing resource which is also inherently anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  The Marine Conservation Society have described cotton buds as one of the most prevalent varieties of pollution on beaches in the UK.… Continue Reading “Our Eco-Friendly Home Day 7-12”

30 Day Eco-Living Challenge Day 5&6

Day 5: Dangers of Fast Fashion To produce a high yield of cotton to keep up with demand the farmers have to use pesticides, which can cost 60% of the farmers budget which means many turn to loans for the funds. Unable to repay… Continue Reading “30 Day Eco-Living Challenge Day 5&6”

30 Day Eco-Living Challenge Day 4 Plastic-Free Periods

So this post has been made separate as I suppose it only applies to half the population… On average, 11000 menstrual products are used in a lifetime, resulting in more than 45 billion tampons and pads globally per year, equalling 7 million pounds of… Continue Reading “30 Day Eco-Living Challenge Day 4 Plastic-Free Periods”

Plastic-Free Shopping and Bulk Buying

I’m currently on Day 3 of my 30 day Eco-Living Challenge and today I’ve decided to research Plastic-Free shops in my area and ways I can bulk buy and save time, money and the environment. I’m going to go into more details about the… Continue Reading “Plastic-Free Shopping and Bulk Buying”

30 Days Of Small Steps to Become More Eco-Friendly – Days 1-3

Welcome to the 30 day April Eco-Living Challenge! We have been sharing this on our social media and giving you some tips along the way. Its not too late to join in – and there’s a prize at the end of the 30 days… Continue Reading “30 Days Of Small Steps to Become More Eco-Friendly – Days 1-3”

Please allow me to introduce myself… Between Green

As I write this post its Sunday 29th March 2020. In the early hours we, following GMT, changed the clocks one hour forward. So being woken up by a hyper German Shepherd seemed a little more bearable when I glanced over to see 7:10am.… Continue Reading “Please allow me to introduce myself… Between Green”

Eco-friendly living during the Coronavirus Pandemic

So lets face it, were not leaving home any time soon which gives us the perfect opportunity to try new things. Maybe you’re learning a new language, or painting the lounge, but have you thought about changing some of your household products and activities… Continue Reading “Eco-friendly living during the Coronavirus Pandemic”

Work from Home Hints & Tips

Its been a week since I was told from my employer to work at home, so the novelty has definitely worn off. As I look at people in their little boxes on my iPad screen you can see that as the restrictions placed by… Continue Reading “Work from Home Hints & Tips”

What is Circular Fashion?

WHAT IS IT? Circular Fashion is the process of making new clothing from old clothing items. Instead of filling our already overflowing landfill with clothes that are outgrown/no longer needed/damaged, you can send the items to a company that will then use the material… Continue Reading “What is Circular Fashion?”