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At Mrs Sparkle we create handmade, eco friendly, natural products for use in the home.  Our aim is to make it easy for everyone to make eco swaps in their busy lives at an affordable price. We collect and share information so you can… Continue Reading “gUEST bLOG : mRS SPARKLE TALKS TERRACYCLE”

What is Greenwashing and How To Spot it!

Who’s heard of Greenwashing? If you haven’t here’s a quick definition; Green washing is the use of false environmental claims with pictures or words such as ‘natural’ or ‘ethical’ as a marketing spin to imply their product is Earth friendly, sustainable and basically, as… Continue Reading “What is Greenwashing and How To Spot it!”

How to Save The World while Working From Home

Hands up if you’re working from home…. yep, me too! I’ve put together some really simple ways you can save the world from your dining table, bedroom, living room, wherever you are staying home and safe! 1. Unplug your computer overnight Make it a… Continue Reading “How to Save The World while Working From Home”

The Best Handmade Gifts to Give This Christmas

A Gift that’s handmade, Is a gift not replaced, Entrapping sweet memories, That can’t be erased. Amanda Evanson There’s just something amazing about unwrapping a gift, wondering what’s inside. Underneath the wrapping paper could be anything, a CD from your favourite band, a new… Continue Reading “The Best Handmade Gifts to Give This Christmas”

Ways to Get Prepared and Organised with only 30 days till Christmas

In just 1 weeks time, Lockdown 2.0 is scheduled to be finished. What that means to different areas of the UK remains to be seen but one things for sure… Christmas is on its way! The words “stampede” and “astronomical rise in number of… Continue Reading “Ways to Get Prepared and Organised with only 30 days till Christmas”

Guest Blog: Rock Your Birthday

Greetings from @Rock Your Birthday – an eco-friendly alternative to a birthday card. Hi, My name is Chris, creator of ‘Rock Your Birthday’. RYB is a culmination of my life choices, skills and illnesses (yes, you read that right!). I’m an eco-conscious person. I’m… Continue Reading “Guest Blog: Rock Your Birthday”

HelloFresh #2

Hello and Welcome to another Blog Post Thursday. I hope this blog reaches you safe and well! Unfortunately, we are self-isolating as my daughter has tested positive for Covid-19. She is over the worst of the symptoms, but she’s exhausted while her little body… Continue Reading “HelloFresh #2”

Our Between Green Home & Hello Fresh Food Delivery Boxes

Hello and Welcome to Blog Post Thursday! For the next few Thursdays I’m going to be talking about our experience the last few weeks with Hello Fresh Food Delivery Service. For those that don’t know, Hello Fresh is a meal plan that delivers boxes… Continue Reading “Our Between Green Home & Hello Fresh Food Delivery Boxes”

New For 2021

So, you know you should be more eco-friendly and live a little more green but don’t know where to start? Let’s Go GREEN in 2021 From January 2021 we will be launching our BETWEEN GREEN SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! Unlike most subscriptions we are LETTERBOX FRIENDLY… Continue Reading “New For 2021”

The Eco Dog Poo Fairy Part Two

Q: What have you found the main issues have been along the journey to get where you are today? A:Hmmm, that’s a great question! I’m not the best researcher in the world so I don’t think I have got as far as someone with better… Continue Reading “The Eco Dog Poo Fairy Part Two”