Between Green Squeaky Clean Box

Between Green Squeaky Clean Box


19.99 £

Chemical Free Cleaning For the Whole Home:

Ocean Saver Drops:

A typical cleaning brand sells you 90% water. Not us. Shipping water round the country doesn’t make sense. So we cut it out. Our Squeaky Clean Box includes FIVE of the Ocean Saver Drops. Each EcoDrop provides you with cleaning concentrate and you add the water. And because we’re not shipping water round the country, that’s Plastic saved, Carbon emissions saved and Oceans saved.

  • Ocean Saver Bathroom
  • Ocean Saver Kitchen
  • Ocean Saver Anti- Bac
  • Ocean Saver Floor
  • Ocean Saver Glass

Tru-Earth Laundry Strips:

A zero waste washing detergent that is that is as sensitive on your skin, as it is to the environment. Tru Earth is very lightweight, no more transporting heavy water. These strips have hypoallergenic properties, are cruelty-free and free from parabens, phosphates, chlorine bleach and added dyes to make them as safe and non-toxic as possible. The strips will simply dissolve in the wash and completely biodegrade. 1 strip = 1 wash.

  • Vegan
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zero-waste
  • Plastic-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free, Phosphate-free, Chlorine bleach free, Free from added dyes
  • Biodegradable in accordance with OECD 310D
  • Dissolves completely in Hot or Cold Water
  • No More Measuring – No More Mess
  • Plastic-free, recyclable and compostable packaging
  • Reduced carbon production in transport
  • Safe to use even if you are on a septic system.

Please note this box contains a sample size of 4 washes. For 32 washes see listing further down this page

Hemp Scrubbie:

The Highest Quality Hemp Material in the UK has been used to make these scrubbies by hand by an eco-conscious small business. To be Used instead of Plastic Filled Sponges and Cloths When Washing Your Pots and Pans. It’s also compostable.

LoofCo Washing Up Soap Block:

LoofCo Washing-Up Soap Bar is an alternative to plastic bottles of Washing-Up Liquid. Gentle to the environment but tough on grime. Plastic-free, biodegradable and vegan dish soap bar.

“Between Green offers a supreme selection of eco friendly products, Between Green is super helpful with amazing customer service and fabulously impressive products. Thank you “


Found Your Squeaky Clean Favourites?

Tru Earth Laundry Strips


14.99 £

Ocean Saver Drops

Choose 1: Ocean Saver Bathroom Ocean Saver Kitchen Ocean Saver Anti- Bac Ocean Saver Floor Ocean Saver Glass FREE UK DELIVERY

2.00 £

LoofCo Washing Up Bar


3.99 £

High Quality Hemp Scrubbie Pad


4.99 £

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