Hi! I’m Jodie, the owner and founder of Between Green Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes and slow living advocate!

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Slow Living

Slow living is a mindset whereby you curate a more meaningful and conscious lifestyle that’s in line with what you value most in life. By slowing down and intentionally placing your true values at the heart of your lifestyle, a slow living mindset encourages you to live in self-awareness and make conscious, purposeful decisions for the benefit of your own well-being and that of the planet.

Slow Living LDN

In 2016, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and given medication and counselling. However, I felt I was missing something practical that I could do to help myself feel better.

After hours of research I found the concept of Slow Living and its benefits for our personal lives and health, and also the benefits for our planet.

Getting off the treadmill of life and appreciating the little things while saving the planet filled me with so much joy and pride that I immediately started feeling better.

Between Green

I can’t wait to share my plastic-free lifestyle successes with you and introduce you to eco-friendly products you’ll love. You can feel happier and healthier removing toxins and pressure in your new, sustainable zero-waste life!

Between Green eco-friendly, natural and sustainable subscription boxes were created so I could bring the benefits of a plastic-free, zero-waste lifestyle to everybody in a hassle-free, non-expensive and sustainable approach.

Small swaps are easier to keep on top of, rather than trying to overhaul an entire lifestyle in one night! It can be overwhelming to think about starting your green living journey, but Between Green can take away the confusion and start you off with small changes.