10 Best Eco-Friendly Apps for Sustainable Living

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You can get anything as an app these days, so it makes sense that there’s a multitude of apps for helping you live a sustainable, eco-friendly life!

We’ve rounded up the best apps for sustainable living or going green, so you can have the information you need in the palm of your hand.

Ethy helps consumers find ethical brands. They do all the research for you, letting you know what brands meet your ethical standards. They have a directory of both online and physical places to spend your money, from shops and restaurants to outlets and corporations.

You can also connect your bank to Ethy, so it can show you how ethical your spending is overall.

Too Good to Go shows locations locally that have offers on food that would otherwise be thrown away. These ‘magic bags’ of food will be a mystery until you pick it up, but it is cheaper than the usual selling price, and you’ll be keeping food waste down in your local area.

Similar apps to this are Karma and Olio.

Ailuna exists to make sustainable living a game-like challenge. Perfect for competitive people, the app sets ‘dares’, which will take a few days to complete, as well as giving you hints and tips for sustainable living. These challenges are set by experts and are designed to help you make lasting sustainable changes to your lifestyle. You can also chat to other people doing the dare to hold each other accountable.

A similar app is Joulebug, which gives you smaller tasks to complete for points.

Probably the most simple app on this list, Refill shows you where you can get your reusable water bottle refilled for free. The map shows you Refill stations around your location. Many cafes, restaurants and shops have signed up as Refill stations, like Costa Coffee.

Giki Badges makes supermarket shopping sustainable! They’ve categorised various products with different badges that show how environmentally friendly they are – the more badges, the better. You just need to scan a barcode or search in the search bar for the product you want to look for. It’ll even suggest alternatives if there’s something better!

GoCo is a similar app that focuses on brands, and Good Guide works similiarly to Giki Badges with a barcode reader.

Kitche is a pantry organiser which scans your shopping receipt and adds all your food to the app’s pantry. It sends you reminders when things are going out of date, helping you eliminate food waste, but best of all, it offers recipes based on the food you have in your house!

NoWaste is a similar app.

Grid Carbon uses data from the National Grid to tell you when electricity is in high or low demand, meaning you can choose to use electricity-guzzling gadgets and appliances when the demand is low, reducing your carbon footprint. There’s lots of fun data and charts on there to look at if you’re the nerdy sort!

A similar app is When To Plug In, which tells users when the electricity is ‘greenest’.

Good On You look at clothing brands and share how environmentally friendly and ethical they are. They have a 5 star rating system for each brand on the app to help you make an eco-conscious decision when purchasing new clothes. They also suggest better alternatives for lower-rated brands.

Oroeco estimates your carbon footprint based on your everyday life, including your purchases, diet, transport and energy consumption. Once it has done all of its smart algorithmic work, it then gives you 50 tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

For Good is a similar app that tracks your ecological footprint.

My Little Plastic Footprint looks at all the plastic-packaged items you use and works with you to go on a ‘plastic diet’ to reduce it. It also shows you the plastic use of your local area. With every plastic item you log, MLPF will offer a plastic-free alternative you could use.

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