Easy Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated on Saturday 22nd April 2023, and this years theme is “Invest in our Planet”.

We are bringing you easy eco-friendly living tips to celebrate Earth Day that don’t cost you a penny but help protect Planet Earth.

Natural Light
opened white window with sheer curtain

Eco-friendly living is as easy as opening those curtains and let the sun shine in. With Spring fully in the swing, take advantage of brighter mornings and lighter evenings with natural light pouring in through your windows.

Heat Loss
green decor on the wall

It might be brighter but in true fashion we might not see much of the warm temperatures. An eco-friendly way to keep your home a comfortable temperature is to avoid heat loss from inside the home through gaps and cracks with insulating materials.

ECO-FRIENDLY TOP TIP: get creative and make a draft excluder with old socks and other unused fabrics.

Rain Water
selective focus photography of corrugated metal sheet of house during rainy daytime

Sticking with the weather theme, switch to an eco-friendly water source by collecting and using rain water.

You can get water butts that collect a lot of water for all different uses but big bowls, pans and containers collect perfect amounts for an eco-friendly way of watering houseplants, cleaning jobs, washing the car, or even flushing the toilet! With each flush costing between 1p-4p it soon adds up!

pile of assorted varieties of vegetables

Ok, this one might require spending a few pence but with the other eco-friendly living savings, it’s easy to find a few extra pence to change one food item to organic.

Be selective with which you choose. Fruits and vegetables without skins, e.g. berries and broccoli are best choices to swap as foods with skins have less direct contact with pesticides and other nasties.

ECO-FRIENDLY TOP TIP: Now is a great time to grow your own! We’ve grown green beans, blueberries and cabbages in our small garden during spring and summer months.

Start a compost heap
vegetables on the soil

Starting a compost heap is a perfect eco-friendly way to reduce food waste going to landfill which has a negative environmental impact.

Whether you have a acres of land or a balcony garden – you can compost!

You’ll create an eco-friendly nutrient rich compost for plants indoors or outdoors without spending a penny.

Reduce, Reuse, recycle
photo of person holding pen

An easy way to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is to reduce what you buy by reusing what you already have. A great example of this is reusing water bottles. The average bottle of water costs over £1 whereas reusing a bottle costs nothing!

Recycling properly is so important. Separate your paper and cardboard, glass and other recyclable materials and dispose of them correctly to feel eco smug!

white kettle

Unplug appliances that are not in use as even on standby mode they are using energy. Eco-friendly living habits like this will also save you money on your energy bills.

Repair appliances that need fixing before reaching out to buy a whole new machine. If buying new is the only option, look for the energy efficiency stars to make an eco-friendly choice.

LED Lightbulbs
black string light

Switching your traditional light bulbs to the eco-friendly option of LED light bulbs requires much less energy and lasts up to 50% longer than traditional light bulbs.

You could save £153.40 by upgrading just one light bulb in your home.

Low flow water
stainless steel shower head inside bathroom

Attaching a low flow water fixture to your shower, toilet and taps is a ideal eco-friendly way to reduce the amount of water you’re using by allowing only a low flow of water.

Perfect for those houses like mine where the teenagers stay in the shower a little too long!

green snake plant on white ceramic pot

Houseplants are essential for eco-friendly living as they naturally improve air quality and eliminate toxins from inside your home, and lets face it, they are so pretty!

Houseplants are proven to improve your mood, productivity and can even speed up your recovery from illness.

Cleaning Products
cleaning products and brush

Green your cleaning routine with non-toxic cleaning products. There are eco-friendly cleaning products for every inch of your home from bathroom to kitchen, carpets to laundry.

They are not only better for the planet but also better for you. Eco-friendly cleaning products don’t contain toxic chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine so you’ll find you’re less likely to suffer from headaches, breathing difficulties and skin irritations.

Reusable Bags
fruits and vegetables in reusable net bags

Don’t forget your reusable bags! I’ve started carrying one around with me all the time so I don’t get caught short!

Reuse eco-friendly carrier bags and ditch plastic produce bags in favour of eco-friendly fabric reusable bags for produce. This will also encourage choosing loose produce rather than those pre-packaged in plastic which cost more than their loose equivalents.

Between Green Boxes

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