Eco-Friendly Valentines Day Ideas and Sustainable Gifts

Say no to cuddly toys and plastic waste and show you care not just for loved ones, but for the planet!

Chocolates and Flowers are staples of Valentines Day but I think we can all agree – the same box of truffles and supermarket bouquets does get a little boring….

Read on for some sustainable solutions to date night, gifts, and romance.

Shop Local for Sweet Treats

Know a local chocolatier that you can support rather than the pockets of huge corporations?

I was introduced to Cocoa Tree last year and was immediately addicted to their bright colours and insanely delicious flavours. They were actually our table favours on Christmas Day!

A family run chocolatier and café based in Manchester, Cocoa Tree uses quality ingredients to create bars, buttons, hand-crafted pralines and personalised gifts.

Their amazing collections can be sent across the UK so take a look at their website and try to decide on your favourite flavours

Ditch the Meat

Try a vegetarian option for this years romantic meal. From passionate pizzas to sexy stir-fry’s, get creative in the kitchen together and cook up some romance!

If you can’t resist a meaty main course, take a trip together to a local farm shop. Grab everything you need for your meal then get cooking together!


I have a sneaky suspicion that my significant other finds the first card that says ‘Wife’ and immediately chooses that without a second thought.

There’s no denying a greetings card is a staple of Valentines Day to express your love or tease a secret admirer.

This months Between Green eco-friendly subscription box includes the perfect Valentines Day card.

Made by FairMail Cards, a social enterprise which produces photo cards using pictures taken by under-privileged Peruvian teenagers.

The teenagers take pictures during free photography classes, then FairMail sells their best photos on Fair Trade greeting cards.

The teenagers get 60% of the profit from their own photos to help finance their housing and invest in their education.

Find out more HERE

Fairtrade Flowers

The environmental impact of shipping cut flowers is enormous. Not to mention the pesticides used to force growth in time for the one of the biggest flower-buying times of the year.

When you buy Fairtrade you can be sure of the highest ethical and environmental standards including the safety and working conditions for their employees.

Fairtrade flower workers receive an extra 10% for each stem sold. This funds education, families, healthcare and communities, among other things. 

Resist roses and choose a more locally available blooms such as posies, foxglove, daffodils and crocus.

Find out more about Fairtrade in this months Between Green eco-friendly subscription box. It also makes the perfect gift this Valentines Day

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