What’s Inside December’s Between Green Subscription Box?

High angle view of Christmas presents wrapped in kraft paper

Let’s take a look inside December’s Box from Between Green Boxes!

This month’s theme is Christmas Stocking!

Go green this Christmas with sustainable swaps for your festive favourites.

Naked Nation Socks

A stape of the Christmas stocking! In this month’s Between Green Subscription Box you can find Naked Nation socks. Naked Nation promotes community, culture and craftmanship as a brand, so we’re sending you some comfy bamboo socks. Bamboo-based fabric is kind to all skin types, even sentive ones, and has natural breathability and bacteria resistance for fresher and healthier feet.

Resident Pheasant Chocolate

The Resident Pheasant mission is simple: to deliver exceptional, ethical chocolate that’s encased in fun, contemporary and sustainable packaging. With 208 billion boxes of chocolates consumed by Brits over the Christmas period, it’s good to know that Resident Pheasant chocolate is doing its bit for the planet with GMO-free, compostable and sustainable packaging. They are also proud to partner with Cocoa Horizons Foundation, which supports cocoa farmers along the Ivory Coast. Included in your box is the Christmas Marzipan Stollen Dark Chocolate, which has juicy raisins and orange jelly pieces. Vegan and nut-free, this one might not last until Christmas… yummy!

Wrapping Paper & Accessories

Last year, we threw away 227,000 miles of wrapping paper – almost enough to paper ourselves to the moon! Make the switch to eco-friendly sustainable gift wrap and accessories that can be recycled. Curlicue make beautiful gift wrap made from 100% recycled, uncoated paper which is printed with vegetable ink – making it vegan! Not only are their products plastic-free, they have bespoke exclusive designs created by independent artists.

A Surprise!

We’re leaving one of the products in this month’s box a festive surprise!

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