Naked Nation – Bamboo Socks – Review

Originally from Venezuela, Karla, founder of Naked Nation, took inspiration from her grandmother, who made and sold jewellery and pyjamas to the local community. Combining the attention to detail and passion for community from her grandmother and her own experience as an environmental engineer and fashion designer, Naked Nation was born.

I loved the personal approach, happiness and sense of belonging that Karla envisioned for Naked Nation as a British brand, so she kindly sent me a huge parcel with different sizes, colours and styles to try!

Everything from the signature gift packaging to handwritten note instantly made me feel that personal approach, happiness and sense of belonging that Karla wanted everyone to feel when they received their items from Naked Nation.

Happy Planet, Happy Feet!!

Naked Nation socks are made from bamboo which is super soft, as well as being breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Their bamboo-based fabric is kind to all skin types, even sensitive ones, and has natural breathability and bacteria resistance for fresher and healthier feet – something my teenagers can definitely benefit from!!

Bamboo doesn’t require pesticides to grow healthy, and needs less land and water than equivalent cotton crops. Even more amazing, when grown instead of trees, bamboo fields contribute 35% more oxygen to the atmosphere in the same acreage!


In honesty, I wear socks 24/7! Even in bed! I can’t sleep without socks on and I really can’t stand walking around in bare feet! (Unless I’m on a hot sunny beach….)

First to try were the trainer socks in 6 different colours and the Naked Nation logo on each pair. I’m sure most of us are familiar with the feeling of socks not staying in place and rolling down our feet… I’m happy to say this did not happen while wearing these trainer socks! Even when I wore wellies walking the dog they stayed in place.

The breathable mesh design on the instep keeps you cool when wearing in summer and their ‘no show’ design means socks stay hidden underneath your stylish footwear!

No matter what you’re up to, in the gym, walking the dog or commuting to work or simply staying cosy at home, Naked Nation socks are perfect. Other designs include the crew style, that warms comfortably on the cold days but stays cool when it’s hot.

My teenage son soon had his hands on the skater style socks that complimented his style and comfort while hanging out with friends, walking around the city, playing football and going on his skateboard.

Thank you Karla for sharing your amazing story and amazing socks with Between Green.

I cant wait to share them with Between Green Subscribers very soon!!!

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