Guest Blog: SheHeThey – The Home of Diverse Brands

Between Green is thrilled to be collaborating with SheHeThey on some exciting projects coming up very soon. Here we meet Luke and Michael, the guys behind SheHeThey, The Home of Diverse Brands, their vision, passion and commitment to people, planet and progress on their online marketplace.

What is SheHeThey?

SheHeThey is an online marketplace creating a platform for underrepresented brands. With a huge range of products from Home and Living, Clothes, Art and Design and Gifts all made by a minority or marginalised group, for example, Black/ POC, Queer / LGBTQ2SIA+, Woman/Female, Disabled, Neurodiverse, Ally and/or a Social Activist who campaigns for change. For those interested, as well as a woman/female I identify myself as a proud Ally.

Why SheHeThey?

Founded in 2021 by Luke and Michael (soon to be married), SheHeThey is a result of trying to find a marketplace that they felt represented them and their identities (queer, neurodiverse and non-binary). Failing to do so despite overly saturated marketplaces with little to no attention to the people who make, create, Luke and Michael set out to create a solution, a place where they could buy quality products from a diverse range of people whose businesses they wanted to learn about and support.

Where is SheHeThey?

Find SheHeThey on their website and also on Instagram

My Favourite Things….

You can shop by store; minority owned, queer owned, black owned, POC owned, disability owned, neurodiverse owned, woman owned and black owned.

Here’s a few of my favourite products:

  1. How cool is this weirdly shaped boob cactus from That Succs? They have a huge range of beautiful and weird succulents on the SheHeThey website. It’s a plant lovers paradise!
  2. You can never have enough tote bags! It was hard to choose from the range of 100% eco-friendly cotton tote bags from Totes-Adorbs, but the retro and rainbow print of this bag caught my eye!
  3. You might recognise Ewenique With Love Crafts from previous subscription boxes. Clare made our reusable cup cosies in October and plant pots for our airplants in November. I love the classic pattern of this eco-friendly cleaning cloth. As a user of Clares eco-friendly cloths I can recommend they clean great and bring a pop of colour to any kitchen or cleaning cupboard!

Upcoming Projects

I will be a special guest speaker for their first ever Business Recovery Hour on the 15th September. This is an hour session giving small business owners a chance to stop, reflect and move forward.
EVERYONE is welcome – sign up here

Between Green will be a part of the Network/Resources page on their website offering my sustainability advice to individuals and small businesses.

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