How To Save the Bees This Summer

Included in Junes Between Green Box is the Beevive Bee Revival Kit.

We spoke to co-founders Faye, Jake and their canine companion bee saving assistant Leo to tell us all about the story of how Beevive came about and the amazing things they do to save the bees!

Where did it all begin??

We were on holiday in Cornwall and while out exploring we discovered an exhausted bee. Eager to help this little bee we carefully picked up our new friend, and with no flowers nearby we started our search for sugar and water. We found a café keen to help and mixed a sugar water solution onto a spoon. After a few sips our little bee friend was buzzing to fly away! 

What happened next?

Bees are dangerously in decline despite being critical to human survival. They transport pollen between crops and flowers, pollinating more than 90 crops that humans enjoy daily such as nuts, fruits and vegetables. So we wanted to help and make sure everyone could help a tired bee in need.

The Beevive Bee Revival Keyring

The Bee Revival keyring is the perfect emergency solution for when you see a tired and exhausted bee so they can go on and continue their important jobs for our planet. With a strong aluminium shell, it contains a special ambrosia® bee food syrup. The bottle can be refilled with instructions of how to do so included in the kit.

Our Bee-Saving Mission

We’ve visited schools, workplaces, and hosted workshops to spread the word about how we can all save the bees. Our product range has grown and our social media is packed with photos and videos from around the world using the Bee Revival Kit. We also host our VIB wall on our website for those amazing people going above and beyond to save the bees! So don’t forget to upload photos and videos of you using your bee revival kit and you could be in with a chance of being on a VIB wall and receiving an exclusive hexagonal VIB badge!

Get your Bee Saving Box from Between Green Today and start saving the bees and saving our planet

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