What’s inside Mays Eco Friendly Subscription Box?

Take a Sneak PEEK inside May’s Between Green Subscription Box!

All these sustainable swaps for just £20 including UK P&P | Remember you can cancel ANYTIME!

This months theme is Kitchen Swaps – I’ve listened to the Between Green community and found where most of your waste comes from and a majority agreed it was in the kitchen from food packaging, food waste and kitchen roll.

Handmade Bread Bag made by Jenny’s Needle and Shed

Bread is bought by 99.8% of UK households equating to 11 million loaves sold EVERYDAY – that’s a lot of bread and a lot of bread packaging.

In this months box we are including a reusable bread bag to not only keep your bread fresher for longer but also reduce the amount of packaging in your home!

Take your bread bag to the local supermarket or bakery and ask for the loaf/bread items to be placed in your own bag and say no to pre packaged rolls, loaves and pastries.

We will also be including a recipe card so you can make your own bread loaf in the oven or in a bread maker machine.

Reusable Kitchen Roll by Eco Coach House
(designs may be different to those shown)

We love Eco Coach House so much we want to include them again this month! Last month we sent their eco-friendly plastic free scrubber sponges which have had amazing reviews so far!! I was lucky enough to try their reusable kitchen roll and I’m obsessed!

Pretty and colourful designs and super absorbent! Everything you want from kitchen roll!

Not only are we reducing waste going into our bin, there is no plastic packaging and were saving so much money each month not buying kitchen roll!

You’re sure to love these kitchen rolls as much as I do and I cant wait to see pictures of them brightening up your kitchen countertops.

Recycling Labels by KSmartSign

It’s time to rock your recycling with these handy labels to separate your paper, glass and compost. Made from 10 year exterior grade vinyl they are super long lasting and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Separating your trash has never been simpler!

Milk Bottle Caps by Cosy Little Home

No one wants to faff around with the lid on glass milk bottles! These reusable lids are about to change your life!

You’ll receive 2 lids; we use one for milk and one for juice that is delivered to our door from the local milkman. They are reusable, dishwasher safe and 100% recyclable. They are airtight which keeps your milk/juice fresher for longer and prevents strong odours being absorbed by the content of the bottle.

Get Your Between Green Box in May HERE for just £20 including UK P&P

Remember you can pause, skip, cancel at ANY time logging into your own account you have full control!

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