Ways to reduce your energy bills and save money

Soap Bars – Save £28 a year

If you look at the label of a liquid soap you’ll find the first and main ingredient is water, why are we paying for water that is readily available in our homes. Soap bars last much longer than liquid soap bottles and you’re not spending money on unwanted plastic polluting packaging.

Shampoo Bars – Save £60 a year

Similar to soap bars, you’ll find the first and main ingredient is water. Shampoo bars last much longer and you’re getting pure product for your money not chemicals, colours and fragrances.

Make Up Wipes – Save £77.60 a year

The biggest selling make up wipes cost an average of £3 for 25 wipes. Choosing reusables won’t need replacing for at least one year ( I’ve used my reusable wipes for almost 3 years! It depends on use!)

2 wipes per day = 24p per day = £87.60

Reusable wipes = 0.02p per use = £10

Take less/shorter showers – Save £97 per year

Martin Lewis says most of the water we use in the home is heated, washing dishes, showers, baths, etc. Take shorter showers, and use a washing up bowl washing dishes only 1-2 times a day dependant on what works for you and your home.

If a family of four reduced their shower time by just one minute, they could save:

  • £45 on metered water bills
  • Up to £52 on energy bills
  • As much as 11,648 litres of water a year

Reduce Washing Machine Temperatures – Save £13-£24 a year

On the back of that, turn down your washing machine thermostat. Our eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets work perfectly in cooler temperatures.

Switching to 30°C would cut £13 off of this, while 20°C will cut £24.

Make Your Own:

Dishwasher tablets – Save £47.45 a year

The biggest brand of dishwasher tablets costs £11 (16p per wash) make your own dishwasher tablets in a few minutes with a few natural products averaging at 60p for 20 tablets – use 3p per wash and no chemicals!

Find out how to make them HERE

Toilet Cleaner – Save £54.75 a year

Using most of the same ingredients so reducing clutter under the sink! 70p makes a jar of 40-50 uses. The most popular toilet cleaner in the UK can set you back £2.15 but even cheaper cleaners at £1 you can still save money and reduce toxins in your bathroom.

Find Out how to make them HERE

Carpet Freshener – Save £105.60 a year

Powder carpet fresheners range from £1.76 all the way to £10 on the market. All you need is bicarbonate of soda (about 20p worth) and a drop or two of essential oils. With each essential oil bottles holding 240 drops you can have a drop of lemon or lavender for less than a penny!

Watch a video of how to make it HERE

Paper Towels/Kitchen Roll – Save £63 a year

Used for seconds then in the bin… literally throwing money away! The biggest brand in the UK is an average of £3.25 per roll! Choosing to reuse old towels, cloths and clothes rags for kitchen roll costs you nothing and can be reused over and over with a wash between uses.

If you want something a little prettier take a look at these reusable kitchen rolls from The EcoCoachHouse – you’ll be saving money and waste in no time!

Remember: Used kitchen roll cant be put into your paper recycling bin

Unplug Your Unused Appliances – Save £100-£200 a year

Unplug your appliances that aren’t in use. Leaving them on standby can use as much energy as being turned on. Don’t unplug your fridge and freezer obviously but those gaming consoles and coffee machines that hardly get used, unplug them!

Meat Free Meals – Save £209 a year

Even if you swap just one day a week meat free, basing your meals around vegetables, beans and pulses is a great way to save money and reduce meat/fish consumption.

Take a look at my favourite vegetarian meal Lentil Spaghetti Bolognese that costs pennies to make and feeds a family of 4.

Mobile Phone Habits – Save £1 a year

“I’m on 10 percent!” Stop the rush to find a charger! Close apps you’re not using, use a power saving mode in your settings, turn down the brightness and take time in the day to switch to airplane mode to enjoy a social media break and reduce battery usage.

Collect Rainwater – Save 40-50% on your current water bill

Luckily in England rainwater is (normally) readily available! Get some tubs, cups jars and jugs outside to collect rainwater for watering plants, house cleaning, cooking and even bathing!

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