Which Cleaning Products are Environmentally Friendly?

Cleaning might not be the top of your list but its about to become easier and greener than ever!

Take a look at the contents in our April Subscription Box from Between Green!

Evie Blue Starter Box – Eco Friendly Cleaners

Evie Blue is the new fun and easy way to clean your home that is good for you and good for the planet!

Each sachet contains a biodegradable soluble powder you dissolve into water reusing a bottle you have at home reducing the use of plastic. They contain no harmful chemicals so your home and the environment are toxin free.

Each starter box contains 12 plastic free refills including eco-friendly bathroom cleaner, natural Floor Cleaner and Kitchen cleaner.

Eco Scrubber – The Eco Coach House

Say HELLO to your new cleaning buddy!

Sarah over at The Eco Coach House makes every single one of these double sided sponges by hand in her family owned coach house in Dorset.

With it’s hessian scrubbing side and cotton waffle on the other side, it will work on any task from kitchen to bathroom, windows to floors and everywhere in between!

There’s not a single sign of plastic unlike those awful green and yellow sponges that are made entirely of plastic releasing microplastics into our waterways with every use.

These high-quality eco-friendly sponges will last lots longer than most sponges on the market and can be thrown in the washing machine or even the top drawer of your dishwasher between uses.

The materials are all 100% compostable so at the end of its life it can be thrown into your compost bin and out of landfill.

Bicarbonate of Soda

This wonder product will transform your home allowing you to make so many of your household products in minutes.

See our blog for loads of ways to use bicarbonate of soda around the home.

You can also watch the video of making your own dishwasher tablets HERE

Citric Acid

Need tough but natural cleaning solutions? You need citric acid! It’s perfect for removing rust and limescale as well as all these uses:

  • Limescale on taps
  • Coffee machines
  • Metal Cleaner
  • Soap Scum
  • Dishwasher Cleaner
  • Kettle Descaler
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Oven Cleaner
  • Rust

Make Your Own Toilet Cleaner using Bicarbonate of soda, Citric Acid and Essential Oils:

  • 1 cup bicarbonate of soda
  • 1/4 cup of citric acid
  • 1 tsp of essential oil of your choice (lemon, tea tree and lavender works well)
  • White Vinegar

Mix the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid in a glass bowl

Gradually add a drop of essential oil at a time to the mixture, stirring thoroughly until the essential oils are combined.

Put the entire mixture into a glass jar with a handy scoop or wooden spoon

Flush your toilet to remove any waste including tissue

Sprinkle the powder mixture around the bowl using the spoon/scoop

Use the toilet brush to scrub around the bowl and under the rim.

Spray white vinegar into bowl allowing the mixture to ‘fizz’ and leave for 30 mins (preferably over night)

Flush again leaving a clean and fresh smelling toilet and bathroom

Solid Washing Up Block

Did you know the brand favourite of washing up liquid contains crude oil?

Ditch the chemicals, water and plastic bottle when washing your dishes with a solid washing up block from LoofCo.

Enjoy the fresh lime scent of this palm oil free washing up bar that are simple to use and biodegradable.

These eco-friendly soap bars are plastic-free and zero-waste without all the waste and excess packaging of washing up soap bottles.

They’re designed to be non-toxic and palm oil free using organic coconut oil instead to cut through grease and dirt with ease.

They’re free from SLS and Parabens and use vegan ingredients without losing any effectiveness.

Not only can they be used for washing up, they can also be used for handwashing clothes giving them versatility throughout the house.

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