Simple Laundry Swaps to Save The Planet

Avoiding hazardous substances in laundry detergent is essential as you look for ways to improve the health of your household.

The majority of laundry products you see on the shelves contain a chemical concoction of potential harm to people, pets, and the environment. Chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (Nonoxynol, NPEs) are known to cause harm to eyes, skin, lungs and damage to other internal organs that can be fatal with prolonged use.    

After discovering studies of top-selling laundry and air-freshening products finding that they emitted dozens of toxic and hazardous chemicals (which weren’t listed on the label!) I switched my laundry routine to be greener.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Forget big bottles of bright blue/green/pink/purple liquids and plastic boxes of liquid tablets, I made the switch to Laundry Detergent sheets.

The first big plus for me was the amount of space I was saving! Bottles and boxes taking up space under the sink is now a thing of the past! No bigger than a large letter envelope, they fit under my sink perfectly!

Unlike commercial laundry detergents, laundry detergent sheets contain no harsh chemicals! Made with plant-based ingredients, these sheets are biodegradable and dissolve completely in your washing machine with no optical brighteners or dyes.

Fragrance is an umbrella term that includes so many unknown chemicals as companies aren’t required by law to list what exactly ‘fragrance’ in their product means. Added fragrance also give you the sense of an item being ‘clean’ without improving the efficiency of the detergent in anyway. These laundry sheets are proud to contain 100% natural fragrance using essential oils and plant extracts. You can choose unscented but my personal favourite is the fresh linen scent.

Saving the planet one load at a time, these sheets are Plastic-Free! The packaging is fully recyclable paper reducing plastic waste while simplifying storage and transport. With so much less to transport around, and no plastic jug (with the main ingredient being water), laundry detergent sheets help you lighten your load on the environment saving transportation fuel and CO2 from shipping products around the country and the world.

With a lower water and carbon footprint, our laundry detergent sheets offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional liquid detergents and pods.

They are super easy to use and mess free, simply add into the load with your clothes! For smaller loads you can tear the strip in half.

Fabric Softener

Looking for a fabric softener you can see images of babies, bunnies and anything to insinuate soft and delicate, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth!

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets are not required by law to list all their ingredients on the label so here’s a list of what you could find:

  • Chloroform
  • A-Terpineol
  • Benzyl Alcohol
  • Benzyl Acetate
  • Ethanol
  • Pentane
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Linalool
  • Phthalates
  • Limonene

Together these chemicals can cause a host of health problems including respiratory problems, central nervous system problems, eye irritation, dizziness, headaches and nausea.

Also, just to let you know several of these ingredients are on the EPA’s hazardous waste list.

So, when you take a long sniff of your fresh laundry you are probably inhaling a cocktail of toxic chemicals. Not to mention what is being absorbed through yours and your family’s skin when wearing your clothes.

Swap your chemical filled plastic bottles for this greener and cheaper alternative – white vinegar!

Vinegar is mildly acidic and this acid helps to soften fabric fibres as well as remove odours and prevent scents that may be caused by mildew in your washing machine.

The vinegar helps remove any detergent and soil that is clinging to fabric clothes feeling soft and clean.

I add a drop of essential oils to my white vinegar for an amazing natural toxic-free scent boost!

Pour white vinegar into a glass bottle or jar that holds around 500ml then one drop of lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and lemon to the white vinegar. Secure the lid and shake, then its ready to use!

Tumble Dryer Sheets

Now, your clothes are clean, its ready to dry. Whether you use a tumble dryer, air dryer or get that perfect day’s weather to hang on the line, there’s an eco-friendly way of doing it.

If you’re choosing to air dry forget plastic pegs and make the switch to sustainable wooden pegs. If you’re sick of plastic pegs snapping and breaking choose pegs made of FSC® certified beech wood and a durable steel spring. These pegs are packaged in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box making them 100% plastic free.

Obviously, air drying is the most eco-friendly option, but we are not always blessed with the driest weather or temperatures in the UK. To reduce your tumble dryer impact, add some wool balls to the dryer drum. Available in most shops and supermarkets, these wool balls will reduce drying time and reduce wrinkles on your clothes – less ironing – yay! Using wool balls mean you can also use a lower drying temperature which will help maintain the quality of your garments.

I add a drop of each of the essential oils listed above on my wool dryer balls for even more scent boost! Just add one drop of each; lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint for tumble dryer freshness without the need for wasteful tumble dryer sheets.

Those little sheets can contain volatile organic compounds like butane and acetaldehyde, which can cause respiratory irritation. They also contain quaternary ammonium compounds, some of which are linked to conditions such as asthma.

Eliminating dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners with damaging elements from your home will contribute towards effectively improving your indoor air quality.

Isn’t it time we said NO to chemicals and YES to natural cleaners that work effectively, save the planet, save money and save yourself from chemical inducing health issues?

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