Between Green Awarded Best Value Green Subscription Box Title

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An exciting announcement!

Between Green Subscription Boxes have been awarded the title of Best Value Green Subscription Box by The Box Hut, a subscription box marketplace.

Here’s what The Box Hut had to say about Between Green Boxes:

“Jodie from Manchester wants to help you make small changes to your life, so you can adopt a greener, more sustainable lifestyle one step at a time as she introduces you to practical, eco-friendly products in a monthly letterbox-sized subscription box.

‘Changing the world one box at a time’.

Between Green

You’ll be amazed at just how many eco-friendly products are actually available, but it takes someone like Jodie and her dedication to the cause to find them for you.

Jodie tests and tries all the products herself and creates a new theme every month. Your subscription box could contain anything from natural self-care to chemical-free cleaning products, all for just £20 a month.”

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Ready to make small steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle? Let Between Green Subscription Boxes do the hard work so you don’t have to!

We send tried-and-tested sustainable products through your letterbox – it has never been easier to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and protect planet Earth.

Discover new eco-friendly products, reduce plastic, achieve a natural home and support small businesses in the UK with every box.

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