My 4 Favourite Reusable Cups

Britain gets through 2.5 billion single use hot drink cups every year. This results in the felling of a million trees a year not too mention the almost 1.5 billion litres of water go into making the cups the UK uses annually.

Even cups promoted as compostable cannot be recycled conventionally. They have to be transported by lorry to one of the UK’s 53 high-temperature industrial composting facilities, which increases their carbon footprint.

So I’m sharing my 4 favourite reusable cups to take all the eco guilt out of your morning caffeine hit.

First up is the CircularCo cup

The World’s First Cups Made From Cups!

I actually received this in a subscription box! I love the story and how they are made from used cups – I’ve not seen anything like it before.

Here’s what they say:

The world’s first, 100% leakproof reusable coffee cup, made from single-use paper cups.

Designed for 10 years use, Circular Reusable Coffee Cup is 100% recyclable.

Keeps your drink hot or cold for 60-90 minutes.

Easy one-hand opening, perfect for life on the go.

360 Degree drinking, allowing you to enjoy the full coffee aroma.

BPA & melamine free.

Dishwasher safe.

Here’s what I say:

I love the fact it’s made from used cups giving some of that astronomical number of single cups used every year a different life!

The 360 degree drinking spout still blows my mind! It’s super easy with no chance of spills.

There are loads of different colours but I’m so happy with my green! It goes perfectly with my hand crocheted cup sleeve from this October’s subscription box.

Another great thing about Circular Co is if the lid goes missing, you can actually buy a replacement lid if it does wander from bag to car to bus to dishwasher to sink….

Next up is the KEEPCUP

KEEPCUP is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. With its body made from durable, tempered glass to withstand high temperatures and a band made from either cork or silicone the emphasis is on the drafted vessel for easy pour.

These cups are made with baristas in mind as they fit under coffee machine heads and the cup size replicate industry standard single-use cup volumes for the right coffee-to-milk ratio, ease of cafe workflow and speed of service.

They say:

We are on a mission to ensure the world neither wants, needs or uses disposable cups. We have designed and manufactured the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. Designed for the coffee maker, our products elevate the taste and drinking pleasure of coffee on the go.


I say:

This was a freebie for signing up to my local milkman and I was really chuffed as I’d come across these cups before but never bought one myself. Now I’ll be honest it was the price that put me off, from £17 it seemed a little steep but now I’m using one I understand the premium price for the premium product.

It’s lovely to drink from with the lid on or off, it’s lightweight, easy to carry and fits comfortably in your hand and cup holders.

However this is where my main issue lies. I have my coffee black so 99% of the time it’s absolutely boiling hot. With a very thin sleeve to hold, it’s hard to get a grip until the temperature has dropped enough to make skin contact bearable and not cause third degree burns!

That’s where my hand crocheted cup sleeve comes in very handy!

Next up is Built.

These guys are based in the US however this cup was given to me as a Christmas present so it needs to be included!

Built say are inspired by the city of New York, the City that never sleeps. They go on to say:

We infuse it’s energy, passion, and creativity into the stylish and protective goods we create. We design our products to fit into your busy schedule, and to make your life easier while on the go. That’s why all of our designs are based on simplicity, and seamlessly combine both form and function.

Unlike the KEEPCUP my hands don’t burn with it’s double walled insulation it genuinely does keep hot drinks hot for hours. They claim 6 hours but I haven’t left a coffee this long to try it!

I love the fact it has a large capacity of 590ml so I can sip throughout the morning without a top up.

Only issue I’m finding is with the lid. Made of a few parts that slide over one another to open and close often the gap between harbours water or even worse, dishwasher or washing up water.

I’ve since learned you can take the pieces apart to get a thorough clean but the lid would still be a disadvantage for the faff of cleaning it.

Last and by no means least is the Neon Kactus Reusable Glass Cup.

I won this as part of an Instagram giveaway and was chuffed to bits when it was delivered.

It’s stylish grey colour and silicone belt mimicking the texture of a crocheted sleeve makes this cup so aesthetically pleasing!

Neon Kactus say:

Neon Kactus are committed to reducing the use of none reusable products, plastic and all other unsustainable materials in order to protect our planet.

There are loads of different colours, shapes and sizes on their website citing that


people have made the switch to a Neon Kactus reusable, saving 78.2m disposables from landfill

As 1 of that number, I have to say I am in love with the design and really appreciate the thicker belt around the cup making holding a hot drink so much more comfortable. The non slip sleeve also acts as a thermal barrier with the high quality borosilicate glass.

It’s larger than the KeepCup I have however as I said before there are a range of sizes from 8oz to 16oz. So there is a size that fits barista machines if that’s your style.

Whichever cup you decide to buy or indeed be given as a gift, freebie or prize don’t forget to take your reusables along with you!

Many coffee shops give a small discount to customers choosing to reuse – Find them HERE

You’ve switched your cup, now switch your tea bags:

Did you know that most conventional tea bags contain plastic?

Even biodegradable ones can contain plastic polymers in the glue to keep the bag sealed at high temperatures.

Ditch the plastic in your morning brew with reusable organic cotton tea bags.

These bags are made with GOTS certified organic cotton with a string long enough to be used from teapot to cup or your favourite mug.
100% plastic free tea bags for use with your favourite loose leaf tea blend to create the perfect cup of tea.
One of our favourite and easy ways to reduce waste and plastic.
Simply rinse and reuse.
These bags are also compostable when it needs replacing

Let me know which cups you have over on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or join me over on TikTok where I actually dance with one of the cups mentioned above!

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