5 Eco-Friendly Tips For Back To School

It’s September already! I don’t know about you but I always find September to be like a mini-January. The feeling of a new start with the changing seasons and school terms.

However, a new start doesn’t have to mean all new purchases. Yes, I’ve been that woman struggling around the town centre spending almost a months wages on shirts, shoes and bags amongst many other things ready for that first day back.

Since developing a more slow and sustainable lifestyle I’ve hardly bought anything new, in fact I’ve actually found pleasure in upcycling and making new clothes from pieces I already have that either don’t fit or I’ve never worn.

The first thing I did this year was ask my teenagers going into year 9 and 10 what they actually needed. Apart from a few stationery bits, the only item of clothing was a pair of trainers for my son who admitted his current pair has holes.

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credit: Vent For Change

I’ve reduced my Back to School bill by about 80% taking that staggering triple figure to a more manageable double figure with pounds to spare.

I’ve put my 5 top tips together here to not only save the planet from unnecessary impact from new clothing but a huge reduction in cost!

Part of the local parents group I’m proud to be part of we have a uniform swap shop.

Over the last 18 months, children have hardly worn some of their uniform so good quality items are donated for others to use.

My son had a growth spurt in 2020 so we’ve donated some perfectly good black school trousers.

The game changer for us was actually looking at what we already had.

In the midst of all the new term chaos its easy to get swept into buying more than you need. With a list, shopping was done and dusted with no stress at all.

Did you know you can get pencils made from old CD cases?

And pens made from plastic bottles?

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Sustainable materials are becoming so much more widely available for every budget.

Check out F&F at Tesco, they use recycled polyester in their range of school uniforms.

Making your own lunch to take to school can save you money, time and help reduce unnecessary waste.

You have more freedom to pack lots of great, healthy and zero waste snacks–like almonds, carrot sticks and grapes.

In England, car use for school
journeys has doubled over the past two
decades, and as many as 1 in 4 cars
on the road at morning peak times
are taking children to school meaning schools have become pollution hotspots.

Child exposure may be unnecessarily increased
by engine idling (stationary vehicles
with engines running) and vehicle
acceleration-deceleration, both in and
near school premises, during drop-off/
pick-up hours; is it any wonder the UK has a higher prevalence of childhood asthma than any other
European country?

Benefits of walking to school:
  • Walking is the perfect wake up call making us feel more awake, focused and cheerful.
  • Perfect way to connect with children before and after school opening lines of communication that may be missed with a stressful car journey.
  • Something as small as walking 20 minutes a day can help you and your child ward off heart disease, maintain a healthy weight and it can help our bones stay healthy and improve our balance
  • More opportunity for fresh air which is good for your lungs, immune system and digestive system.
which of these eco friendly tips have helped you out this new school year!

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credit: Vent for Change

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