Guest Blog: What is Terracycle?

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Mrs Sparkle Talks Terracycle

At Mrs Sparkle we create handmade, eco-friendly, natural products for use in the home.  Our aim is to make it easy for everyone to make eco swaps in their busy lives at an affordable price.

We collect and share information so you can make informed decisions whatever your goal, be it to go natural, reduce plastic consumption or to find more zero-waste products.  

Our mantra for sustainability is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Recently we have become interested in the work done by Terracycle and decided to find out more.

✨”Eliminating The Idea Of Waste”✨

I am familiar with Terracycle; I have used their bins in supermarkets and have been known to say ‘have a look at Terracycle, they take everything’ if someone mentions being unsure about recycling something.

I wanted to find out a little more about them, and share my discoveries!🌿

Terracycle collects items not currently recyclable through local councils.

They offer recycling solutions for typically hard-to-recycle waste, such as collecting things like laundry tablet boxes and melting them down into hard plastic pellets that are then remolded into new products.

Below is a table offered for sale in their store, made from recycled toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes!💚

As it stands, these are some of their achievements –

✨202 million people are collecting and handing in their waste, across 21 countries
✨That means billions of pieces of waste collected so far
✨44 million dollars raised for charities through this scheme

Terracycle offer many incentives for schools and charities. Once you start collecting, you accrue points for your chosen organisation that are then transferred into donations.

So many things can be collected, from bread bags, cheese wrappers and crisp packets,  to rubber gloves and plastic toys and games!

All you need to do is –

✨Choose ‘programmes’ – which items or brands you would like to collect
✨Sign up for free
✨Collect any waste items
✨Print a free shipping label
✨Send in your waste for recycling

There are drop-off points at many local shops, churches and other businesses – take a look to see where your nearest location is, and what they accept!

Mrs Sparkle and Between Green would love to hear about any other recycling schemes that you have heard of, big or small – it’s great to hear about the amazing work being done!!🌸

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