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Q: What have you found the main issues have been along the journey to get where you are today?

A:Hmmm, that’s a great question! I’m not the best researcher in the world so I don’t think I have got as far as someone with better research skills to be perfectly honest. I have ADHD and Autism so my brain flits a lot and I get easily distracted so it takes a lot of effort to complete tasks and keep on track. I forget to do so much! Having said that, my efforts so far have led to me being on Radio Scotland, in all the Perthshire papers, I’ve done a podcast for Sustainable Scotland At Work, I’ve written to SMP’s, had endless zoom mtgs and hundreds of email correspondances and phone calls with the likes of Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Zero Waste Scotland, Councils, Scottish Enterprise, Circular Tayside, Developments Trusts, Laboratories and of course, Brian Harper, to name but a few! My “behind the scenes” work just to get this far has taken me 11 months and I’m still nowhere near finding a biomass farm to take the dog waste in Scotland, so it’s disheartening and frustrating. Oh, and then throw Covid in to the mix JUST as I was getting somewhere with Perth and Kinross Council. So to answer your question in a convoluted fashion, the main issues have been getting companies and the council to listen to me and take me seriously, getting straight answers from environmental companies and making the right connections. It’s very time consuming but hopefully should stand me in good stead as I now need to do it all over again in Derbyshire whilst also keeping up the pressure on Scotland. Fear not Scotland, after such a hard slog I’m not about to abandon you just because I’m moving away, on the contrary, I’m looking for a Scottish business partner.

Q:  Is there anything else that The ECO DPF does?

A:​Actually, yes there is.   Apart from coming to your home or business and physically clearing the dog waste and sanitising afterwards on a regular schedule or as a one off, I also advise on how to best eco home dispose of your dog waste.  I come to your home and assess your outside space, meet your lovely dogs and glean an insight of your lifestyle to then determine which method would suit your needs the best.  I then install the system we agree on at our next meeting.  

I will be adding a lawn cutting service as well because the lawns need to be kept under a certain length in order for me to be able to do my poo picking job to the high standard I like to maintain. I think we all know what it’s like when the grass is long to try and grab the offending blob – it can leave behind a yukky, streaky mess on the grass which is pretty gross.(Another good reason to feed a raw diet, no more smelly, slimy poos!) So a poo pick followed by a freshly mown lawn finishes off the job perfectly and your garden looks pristine again

Q: What can we do to help The ECO Dog Poo Fairy?

A:​ I need exposure, LOTS OF EXPOSURE!  So many people don’t realise a dog poo picking service exists so don’t think to look for one.  It’s such a new concept in the UK soplease, please, please, keep sharing my fb page so I can help people who struggle with this aspect of dog ownership.  With the nights drawing in now, a lot of people won’t see their gardens in the daylight until the weekends, by which time, the dog will have been in and out of the garden umpteen times in the week and probably trodden in a previous mess thenwalked it in the house. Or YOU have!  

This service is for ANYONE who can’t do it themselves for whatever reason; work, heavily pregnant, mental/physical health, it really doesn’t matter there is absolutely no judgement I’m just happy to lighten the load for you.  Let’s face it, it’s not a job anyone really relishes doing is it, so let The ECO Dog Poo Fairy sprinkle her fairy dust and get it Dung & Dusted for you.  ; )

Also, if you know anyone in Derbyshire with eco contacts: biomass plants, councils, small business support/guidance etc I’d love to hear from you to get the ball rolling before I land.

Q: Where can we find you?

A:​Currently I’m in Perthshire, Scotland, but in November/December I’ll be moving to Matlock, Derbyshire. I’ll let you know nearer the time when I have a move date.

You can also find me:

On FaceBook: The ECO Dog Poo Fairy – Dung & Dusted

Website:  (It’s still a work in progressso please bear with me on that). 

Mobile:  07368 59 23 59


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