Essentials You Need For an Eco Friendly Bathroom

For some, making eco friendly changes sounds like a difficult thing to do but it actually couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are some very easy swaps that can be made in the home and a lot of these are in the bathroom.


So everyone brushes their teeth right….?

Did you know every toothbrush you’ve ever owned is still on earth?! That is truly shocking as a 33 year old myself changing toothbrushes every 3 months that’s 132 toothbrushes in my life SO FAR!

However, I’ve made the super easy switch to bamboo toothbrushes for all the family. So that’s 4 brushes every 3 months not ending up in landfill. Bamboo is biodegradable so can easily decompose in your compost bin.

There is also some great ideas of what to use the bamboo handle for rather than disposing of it. A great quality piece of bamboo is great for use in the garden etc.

Soap Bars

Another household change we’ve made is soap bars. I don’t know why it took me so long to become a soap bar convert! Easy to use, zero plastic, amazing scents and long lasting on skin compared to shower gel. Packed with natural ingredients so when shower/bath/ hand washing water  goes down the drain and into our oceans it’s not leaking micro plastics and chemicals. All soaps we’ve tried have had a 10/10 from us all.

Toothpaste Tablets

Recently we’ve found toothpaste tablets! Not many people have heard of these but they are a complete game changer! To use, you chew on one tablet until a lather starts to form then brush your teeth as normal. Couldn’t be easier! Top tip- these are PERFECT for travel as they are lightweight and a real space saver. Also No chance of leaks!

Dental Floss

A few years ago the family started using dental floss after a routine trip to the dentist suggesting we all use it. Most standard dental floss are plastic and over packaged, but there is an alternative! Vegan and biodegradable floss and toothpicks. Made from corn starch which you can compost. The floss we use is super minty and feels extra fresh.

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Bars are not just great for your hair and the environment but think of the ease while travelling and camping etc.

The scents of shampoo and conditioner bars can’t be replicated in a bottle full of chemicals.

We now stock a huge range of
shampoo bars and solid conditioner.


Someone once said to me wet wipes are for fannies, flights and festivals. And whenever I speak to a beauty professional, wet wipes are a naughty word.  Archana Sangha, board-certified physician assistant at Anne Arundel Dermatology in Virginia says they  shouldn’t replace cleanser because they don’t thoroughly clean your skin. Since wipes aren’t totally effective at getting rid of excess oil, using them regularly could lead to clogged pores, which could lead to breakouts.

So do your skin and the Earth a favour and make the switch to reusable wipes.

We LOVE these reusable cotton pads from Moonie.

They effortlessly remove make-up and impurities. Simply pop in the wash to reuse again and again. Handcrafted with blissfully soft, pure brushed cotton. These double-layered reusable pads are perfect to use alongside your favourite make-up remover or toner.  Available in Packs of 7 so you have one for each day of the week!

Use code: BETWEENGREEN15 at the Moonie checkout for 15% off your first order!

Make Up Brushes and Sponges

Speaking of make up, did you know some brands use real animal hair in their make up brushes! And if it’s not animal is plastic synthetic fibres. Save our beautiful earth with your beauty regime using eco friendly vegan make up brushes like these from SoEco!

Cotton Buds

After seeing this heartbreaking picture I immediately stopped buying cotton buds that contain plastic. As if this image isn’t enough, plastic enters our food chain as marine animals mistake the buds for food. Every  year around a million birds and over 100,000 sea mammals die from eating and getting tangled in plastic waste.

As with our other bamboo products, the bamboo buds we stock are eco-friendly and compostable (including packaging).

They are hypoallergenic and perfect for daily use for the whole family. In fact we find them easier to use as the bamboo is so much better quality and sturdy than plastic.

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