How to Choose the Perfect Present while living Eco-Friendly

Looking for a gift while being conscious about our environment can be a tricky area… unwanted gifts, harmful plastics and chemicals, gift wrap…

That’s where our EcoBoxes are a perfect gift for the person who has everything!

A specially selected range of eco- friendly gifts in a letterbox friendly recyclable box.

If you’re anything like me I love to receive lots of little presents than one big gift, more to open and more surprises!

Just select from one of our popular colours and we do the rest! And FREE DELIVERY!

Bali Dreamcatcher

These beautiful EcoBoxes include all these items in a letterbox friendly parcel.This hand crafted dream catcher features 6.5 cm wooden heart hand wrapped in turquoise, pink, red, white, black and purple synthetic suede cord, followed by six 7 cm long same coloured feathers hanged on suede cords. The heart features same colour strings with small bead in the centre.

– Hand crafted Dream Catcher

– Top ring 6.5 cm diameter

– Total hanging length approx 22 cm

– Comes with small card explaining dream catcher legend

This dream catcher is made with love and blessings.

100g Aromatherapy Soap Slice

Pure and simple, a delight to smell and use. Made with Ancient Wisdom essential oils so quality is assured.

Chill Pills

They are mini bath bombs, toss them in the bath for a mini fizz, or use them as a bathroom decoration.

Children love them – drop one or two in the bath for a little fun & fizz. Adults can also Chill with a Bath Pill or three.

Ideal for a Foot Spa – add one for an extra touch of luxury. 

Exfoliating Gloves/ Sisal Soap Bag

How many products in your bathroom include microbeads?

Microbeads are harmful to the marine animals, and caused them to die. This is harmful towards the environment due to an increase in the death of aquatic animals. These microbeads also contaminate the water which is bad for society as this is the water that humans consume.

These exfoliating gloves and sisal soap bags have properties blended to create a real feeling of freshness and are very ideal for exfoliating, removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin soft and renewed.

Exfoliation should be in everyone’s beauty regime all year round but especially in cold weather to keep skin looking radiant and fresh.

Cotton Bags and Handy Zip Pouches  

Cotton Bags with long and short handles to help you to replace the plastic bags that are harmful to our planet.

An ideal “Bag for Life” you can offer your customers rather than a plastic bag.

Imagine the good you will be doing to our planet by replacing the plastic bags with these Cotton Bags

Handy Zip Pouches are handmade in India and they will make an excellent travelling companion, also could be ideal as a gift pouch.

Zip Pouches will help you to handle in style all “bits and bobs” when travelling. Ideal as a little gift bag or for storing small items such as pocket change, Medication, keys, shaving accessories. The use you can give to these pouches is endless!

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