Shampoo and Conditioner Solid Bars Review – Sheffield Skincare Co

So this is an actual review of The Sheffield Skincare Co Yorkshire Goddess shampoo bar and their Herbalicious conditioner bar.


Was I sceptical at first? Absolutely! 33 years of shampoo in a bottle even from the iconic yellow Johnsons and Johnsons No More Tears!

First, the Shampoo, O.M.G, the smell is absolutely divine. Such a lovely natural smell not the synthetic smells of whatever berry is popular at that time just a really genuine scent. I rubbed it a little under the water, then after wetting my hair I started rubbing it round my head from scalp to tip as per the instructions. As I kept rubbing there was some definite lathering going on, not as much as I normally get from shampoo from a lab, I mean, bottle. Confident I’d reached all my hair with the bar I started rinsing and I honestly don’t think my hair has ever been so squeaky clean! I always wash my hair twice as it tends to get greasy but I didn’t even feel like I needed to do this twice because it just felt spotless! 

Now the conditioner, again the scent was incredible. Lovely mixture of herby smells which just made you feel like it was going to do wonders to your hair. I rubbed from root to tip following the instructions. Normally you can feel the conditioners work on your hair instantly, this felt different. Not as much build up and crap smothered on your tresses. I left it for the recommended 2-5 minutes and started to rinse. Wow, I could feel the difference but it doesn’t feel weighed down with chemicals it just feels moisturised, a real deep clean and care.

As I said my hair is normally greasy and I can push maybe washing it every other day, but I’m a few days in now, possibly 3, and it still looks great. I can only imagine all the crap chemicals in the bottles must leave so much behind it just doesn’t feel like that now. I would have thought my hair has just had a real cleansing treatment, but actually its simple, bars of shampoo and conditioners!

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