30 Day Eco-Living Challenge Day 17-21

Hello and Welcome to Day 17 – 21 of our 30 Day Eco-Living Challenge.

There is just over a week left to go and wow, we’ve really learnt a lot already.

So lets recap the last 5 days, if you have missed any previous posts scroll on down to find them.

Day17 –  Lunch Time Reusables

So I have managed to get hold of some bamboo cutlery, reusable wraps and snack pockets ready for when I do get back to work and I have to eat on the go in my car.

Put simply, disposable cutlery is single use plastic! Used for seconds and then thrown away to last for 1000 years in landfill and waterways. Plastic cutlery is one of those items that will not recycle even if put into a recycling bin! Its too contaminated and too small! Some of the materials used to make plastic cutlery gives off toxic chemicals when heated and some harmful chemicals can leach into your body. Bad, bad, bad and more bad!

You can get hold of more eco friendly cutlery for single use made from wood or corn which are then compostable waste.

However as I’m on the road every day for work I’ve saved myself time, money and Mother Earth getting a bamboo travel cutlery set that can be reused. I’m always prepared now when I grab myself some lunch and need a fork or a spoon for my yogurt.

Day 18 – Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

So this is an actual review of The Sheffield Skincare Co Yorkshire Goddess shampoo bar and their Herbalicious conditioner bar.

Was I sceptical at first? Absolutely! 33 years of shampoo in a bottle even from the iconic yellow Johnsons and Johnsons No More Tears!

First, the Shampoo, O.M.G, the smell is absolutely divine. Such a lovely natural smell not the synthetic smells of whatever berry is popular at that time just a really genuine scent. I rubbed it a little under the water, then after wetting my hair I started rubbing it round my head from scalp to tip as per the instructions. As I kept rubbing there was some definite lathering going on, not as much as I normally get from shampoo from a lab, I mean, bottle. Confident I’d reached all my hair with the bar I started rinsing and I honestly don’t think my hair has ever been so squeaky clean! I always wash my hair twice as it tends to get greasy but I didn’t even feel like I needed to do this twice because it just felt spotless!

Now the conditioner, again the scent was incredible. Lovely mixture of herby smells which just made you feel like it was going to do wonders to your hair. I rubbed from root to tip following the instructions. Normally you can feel the conditioners work on your hair instantly, this felt different. Not as much build up and crap smothered on your tresses. I left it for the recommended 2-5 minutes and started to rinse. Wow, I could feel the difference but it doesn’t feel weighed down with chemicals it just feels moisturised, a real deep clean and care.

As I said my hair is normally greasy and I can push maybe washing it every other day, but I’m a few days in now, possibly 3, and it still looks great. I can only imagine all the crap chemicals in the bottles must leave so much behind it just doesn’t feel like that now. I would have thought my hair has just had a real cleansing treatment, but actually its simple, bars of shampoo and conditioners!

Find out more about Shampoo and Conditioner Bars HERE

Day19 – Lets Talk about Straws, Baby

Straws! Gosh even the word gives me chills as all I can think about is a horrifying video I watched of a poor sea turtle having a straw removed from its nose. That image has stayed with me as my favourite animal in the whole wide world is a turtle, the first time I ever saw these magnificent creatures in a huge tank at an aquarium I’ve been in love. The video lasts well over a few minutes as a crew at sea fight to get the straw that is so tightly lodged into his nose. The poor creature looks in so much pain and discomfort for such a long time it’s heart-breaking. As I said they do successfully remove it after a terribly painful ordeal, but this should not have happened.

I have very sensitive teeth at the front, so when I get a glass and ice when we pop out its not very pleasant, but not to worry as I now have my own metal straws! Reusable, easy to wash and a very handy pouch that keeps 3 straws in so I’m never caught short. There are plenty of options out there from bamboo, to glass, to corn, and we’ve even had edible straws put into a milkshake like a long sweet!

Day 20 – Support your small local businesses!

Even if you’re not necessarily interested in eco-living we really do need to support our local and small businesses. A small business local to me has been delivering essential dry store cupboard items to our area. We received a delivery from them yesterday and we were chuffed to bits to finally have bread flour! Hooray! Everything was delivered in recyclable paper packaging and I got to put my empty tubs and containers that I’ve been collecting to good use! They really did save the day as I’ve not seen any type of flour since all this started!

So, lets get the eco-living positives out of the way. Local, small businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies. In addition, your carbon footprint as a customer will be reduced as you may not have to travel as far, maybe its so close you don’t have to travel by car or public transport and you can get there by bike or just walking.

Their packaging is more likely to be eco-friendly. I love Amazon as much as the next person but come on, some of the boxes for tiny products inside are just madness!!

If you’re not already sold on those reasons then consider these; you are supporting your local/ national economy. Yes, it might be dirt cheap from China, but you’ll be getting a much better service from an actual human being! You can also choose to support things you care about, I see so many of my small business buddies supporting local charities or good causes so it’s a win-win!

Some small businesses are side projects to boost a family’s income or a way of sharing their talent, creativity, passion and innovation. Many small business owners, including myself, are women and sometimes mothers. We can do all the things on our daily lists and still make time for our real passion! I’ve come across a lady making stationery items while working for the NHS and on top of that, through this pandemic! Imagine how much that side business means to her after a day working on the frontline!

Which brings me to the small business happy dance! Every order gets a huge smile, maybe a WOOP WOOP, maybe even a little kitchen party. Don’t underestimate the power of your order choosing a local/ small business, during these difficult times and in the future.

Day 21 – Matches vs. Lighters

I’d like to take this opportunity to say something very easily said rather than done, QUIT SMOKING. Then you wont need a lighter, simples.

I use matches to light candles in the home however I won’t get on my high horse too soon as while matches might seem a more eco- friendly option (Lighters = Plastic… enough said right?) matches are made from trees.

So, after some research, I’ve decided to invest in a refillable lighter. Fancy name for those long stick lighters you can get at any homeware store or supermarket. Instead of throwing them away when they run out of gas, you can refill with a gas can.

This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, be bloody careful with fire, lighters , matches, gas, etc… and keep them all away from children and other non-sensible individuals.

Now, stand up, go to your smoke alarm and test it, right now, get up and push the test button, I mean it…..

So, now I’ve saved your life getting you to test your smoke alarm…… what do you mean you’re still sat there and you haven’t done it? IM SERIOUS!

Right, I’m going to sign off and you’re going to test your smoke alarm!

Cheerio till next time x

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