30 Day Eco-Friendly Living Challenge Day 13-16

Good Morning on Day 17 of the Eco Friendly Challenge. We are over half way through! Don’t Forget to catch up on all previous days in our blog and over on Instagram


Here’s a round up of Days 13-16…

Day 13 – The World Without Us

Slightly different day 13 as its not really about action but being aware. Its safe to say we cant get away from the news at the moment, however, there has been some positives from the current situation. There have been reports showing the overwhelming improvement of our environment due to the reduction of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Marshall Burke from Stanford University has calculated the potential lives SAVED from the reduction of pollution in China. Two months of pollution reduction has probably saved the lives of 4,000 children under 5 and 73,000 adults adults over 70 in China.

Its something we’ve known about for a long time, air pollution can cost us 3 years off our global life expectancy.

Credit: http://worldwithoutus.com/index2.html

Day 14 – Hang Out Your Laundry

We have been having some gorgeous weather so this has come at the perfect time, hanging out your laundry.

Hanging your laundry out to dry instead of using your tumble dryer:

  • reduces your electric or gas bill (you save money),
  • reduces your demand for energy,
  • helps your clothing and linens last longer by eliminating some wear and tear on the fabric (saving you more money),
  • is a great excuse to get outside,
  • and gives your fabrics that natural, fresh outdoor smell (no need to use artificial, chemical fragrances).

Even if you don’t hang every wash load, each time you do, you save yourself money and help to protect the environment.

Day 15 – EcoBox

Lets face it, times are difficult, so why not treat yourself? You could also treat someone else who you are missing or maybe one of our key workers. We have introduced the EcoBox. Its is a specially selected range of Eco-Friendly treats including Natural English Made Soap, Sisal Soap Bag, Essential Oil, Handy Pouch for Bits and Bobs and much more!

  • Free Delivery
  • LetterBox Friendly
  • Recyclable Packing Materials
  • Save money on each item if sold at RRP

Find the latest box here: https://newfootprint.co.uk/product/ecobox-letterbox-friendly-collection-of-ecofriendly-goodies/

Day 16 – Essential Oils

I don’t know about you but I love a candle or wax melt burning through the home. And now we’re at staying home we’re using them more.

To keep the lovely scents strong I’ve been adding a few drops of essential oil to some plain wax (tealight candle removed from the outer tin and remove the inner wick) and using that instead of wax melts.

The benefits of using essential oils in this way:

  • A little goes a long way, a few drops is enough to create a long lasting smell around the home
  • You are buying less as a small oil bottle will last for a longer time
  • Wax melts tend to come in plastic packaging…enough said

We are currently using the Happiness oil blend of bergamot, grapefruit and ylang-ylang. There are over 100 oils and blends and you can find the list and prices below:

Order Yours Here

I hope this finds you all well

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