30 Day Eco-Living Challenge Day 4 Plastic-Free Periods

So this post has been made separate as I suppose it only applies to half the population…

On average, 11000 menstrual products are used in a lifetime, resulting in more than 45 billion tampons and pads globally per year, equalling 7 million pounds of plastic waste per year, according to Change to Green.

Most Shocking – period products are the 5th most common item you’ll find on a European beach.

If they don’t end up in the ocean, they end up in a landfill, where they will take over 500 years to decompose.

So, I haven’t gone total moon cup just yet, but have ordered these Natracare products for my first step to Plastic-Free Periods.

First impressions, zero difference! I cant actually believe they are made with completely different ingredient components.

The Wrapper – The feel is identical to what I’m used to with other products that use plastic. The wrapper is actually made from starch so it is biodegradable and non-toxic. Just like tampon applicators, plastic wrappers are used for seconds but last on our planet for hundreds of years.

The Towel – The white organic cotton towel feels soft to touch. The adhesive on the pads with wings is very strong and it feels secure in place. As well as organic cotton they also contain cellulose from wood pulp and corn starch. No plastic, no chlorine and no perfumes.

Conventional pads are bleached with toxins, and exposure to “that area” where the skin is thin means these toxins can permeate into the skin and into your bloodstream around your body. Chlorine bleach can create toxic dioxin, which has shown to collect within the body’s fatty tissue. According to an EPA draft report, dioxin is a serious public health threat and has no safe level of exposure! Scary.

I feel its important to bring up price. On average each Natracare pad costs 43p, the leading brand costs 90p each (and that’s on the saver pack!)

Verdict: Are they as good and reliable? Absolutely. Secure, no leaks, absorbent, no odour. 8/10 🙂

Why only a 8/10?

Despite these pads being very good and a great alternative, they still do create a lot of waste and despite being a money saver compared to the leading brands- in my eyes nothing beats reusable pads.

I’ve had some made by the lovely Charlene over at Candy Cat Pins and I’m absolutely sold! The comfort and the cool design has won me over as well as being secure, absorbent and no leaks or odours!

Candy Cat Pins aims to bring pretty yet practical cloth reusable products, helping us all do 1 small thing to make a big difference.

Find out more about reusable pads HERE

These pads get a solid 10/10 from me!

The good news is I have learnt my lesson in time to encourage my daughter to use these products too when that day comes. So there’s another 11000 no longer destined for our beautiful beaches.

She finds it a lot easier to take her wet bag and pad in her school bag avoiding any embarrassing moments at school!

Give reusable pads a try – I promise it will change your life!

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