Plastic-Free Shopping and Bulk Buying

I’m currently on Day 3 of my 30 day Eco-Living Challenge and today I’ve decided to research Plastic-Free shops in my area and ways I can bulk buy and save time, money and the environment.

I’m going to go into more details about the shops I have around me, but please look HERE for an easy-peasy map of ZERO WASTE SHOPS near you.

Do your research into what they stock, different shops provide different products so have a good look online or give them a call with any questions.

Using the map I was able to find a milk re-fill store and plenty of choice for plastic-free shopping. So, rinse out your jars, grab a tote bag or two and lets get shopping…!

1. Milk Re-Fill station at Beltonville Farm Shop, SK17 8SS

MilkBot at Beltonville Farm Shop

I try to use plant-based milk as much as possible but my husband flat out refuses it for his morning cup of tea. We are lucky enough to be supplied by a local milkman but it doesn’t stop me wanting to try this! Fresh, raw milk is available 24/7 using the MilkBot at Beltonville Farm Shop. You can use cash or card to re-fill your glass bottles. You can also grab fresh bread, meats and essentials.

The Farm Shop is located within a campsite in the beautiful Peak District so not only is this going on my shopping list but my future camping trip list.

2. Village Greens Community Co-operative, M25 1AY

Fruit Stand

What’s great about this shop, apart from providing vegan, organic and gluten-free sustainable produce, is that its run and owned by the local community of Prestwich.

They are also a Terracycle drop-off point where you can take a range of plastic products not currently recycled by most councils. They receive points for the plastic they collect which allows Village Greens to donate to their chosen charity, Shelter.

During these uncertain times they are trialling a veg and fruit box delivery service to postcodes M45 and M25 so go to to find out more.

3. Plentiful, BL0 9AQ

Image result for plentiful ramsbottom

Plentiful was the first plastic- free shop in Greater Manchester and has gone from strength to strength and even had to move to bigger premises right on Ramsbottom High Street.

What I love most about Plentiful is how much they offer! They have over 100 zero waste food, cleaning and shower products! You can see the full list here,

Plentiful are also on a mission to educate local school children of the dangers of plastic on our environment therefore growing a generation of little eco-warriors.

4. McCalls Organics, M4 1PN

Based in the heart of Manchester City Centre, McCall’s market hut believe in “good food, locally sourced food, organic food and affordable food”.

credit: manchesterwire

They are constantly introducing new products so there is never a dull moment. Recently, they’ve been stocking Green Meat Radishes!

I absolutely love this post dispelling the myth that organic ALWAYS costs more, yes, sometimes it does, but not always.

credit: UnicornGroceries

5. Unicorn Grocery, M21 0BN

You had me at Unicorn….

Unicorn Grocery came top of Ethical Consumer’s 2019 national supermarket ranking and its not hard to see why. They offer affordable, fresh and wholesome food with an emphasis on organic, fair-trade and local produce. They operate a ‘Bag Deposit Scheme’ for your shopping if you forget you own.

6. The Good Life, SK4 3BS

The Good Life

‘The Good Life is an independent waste-free mini market created by Shelley Brown—with a mission to provide a positive place in the centre of the Heatons community that allows customers to easily shop in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.’

What caught my eye is that they have a vegan Sweet Shop! 200g of gelatine-free sweeties will cost you £2.00.

You can shop online, but if you pop to their shop take a reusable coffee cup and enjoy filter coffee (regular and decaf) for just £1 all day.

Head over to their website for a free colouring sheet for children (or adults!)

7. Glossop Whole Foods SK13 8BP

Credit: Glossop Whole Foods

It’s safe to say Glossop Whole Foods are on a mission! From whole foods and drinks, vegan goodies, health and wellbeing products to every day essentials such as home and cleaning materials and natural personal care.

Their range of zero waste dispensers for dried foods, fruits and cereals, is huge! I’ve got my eye on the loose leaf tea and organic coffee beans!


So, there you have it! If you live in Greater Manchester then I’ve done all the hard work for you! Use your time at home to research where your local stores are. Check opening times as they may differ due to Covid-19. A majority of the stores detailed above are open or providing deliveries.

Don’t forget when you find or use a plastic-free shop near you to share it with us on

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Take Care, Stay Safe, Look After Each Other

Jodie @ Between Green x

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