30 Days Of Small Steps to Become More Eco-Friendly – Days 1-3

Welcome to the 30 day April Eco-Living Challenge!

We have been sharing this on our social media and giving you some tips along the way.

Its not too late to join in – and there’s a prize at the end of the 30 days to the best Eco-warrior! Just tag us in your pics of small wins and share what you’re doing – we love to see it and it might be helpful to others too.

So here’s a recap of the last few days….

Day 1: Remembering to take our bags shopping

I’m trying to dodge supermarkets as much as possible because its just too much chaos! I’ve popped bags in the car ready for when I need some essentials. I love this jute bag that always reminds me to put it back in the car!

Day 2: Food Waste

Food in the house is more important than ever right now so we minimise our trips out of the house. Rather than start on the fresh fruit I bought the day before leaving the previous purchases to rot and go in the bin I got a bit creative!

Easy Peelers looking past the their best were popped into some jelly and set for a delicious dessert.

My daughter made a layered breakfast with (the endless amounts of) cereals, yogurt and some frozen berries.

Nadiya Hussain (GBBO winner) was speaking on Good Morning Britain on Thursday morning and she gave me an excellent tip for Vegetable Soup throwing in all the odds and ends of veggies left in the fridge or leftover from a meal and blitzing up to make soup! A little veg can go a long way with a stock cube and boiling water – and I don’t have to tell you its super healthy!

Day 3: Plastic- Free shopping and Bulk buying

Today is Day 3 and I’ve decided to research plastic-free shops in my area. I found a map that made them easy peasy to find.

From the map I was able to source a milk re-fill farm and plenty of options for plastic-free shopping. I have gone into more detail of the stores near me on my next blog post so do read on…

Just to pop this in there, I live approx. 1 mile away from a Costco, so bulk buying is already something we do on a regular basis. Toilet Roll, Coffee, Dog Food, and what ever else takes our fancy ( and free tasters!).

Buying in bulk means:

  1. Less unnecessary trips in the car

2. Limits other unnecessary purchasing when you just pop out and end up with a trolley full of stuff you didn’t even want/need.

The next instalment of 30 days to Eco-Living will be available soon!

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