30-Day Eco-Living Challenge: Day 1-3

man unpacking groceries from tote bag on table

Welcome to the 30-day Eco-Living Challenge!

We’ve been doing an eco-activity every day for thirty days, and sharing the results on social media.

It’s not too late to join in – and there’s a prize at the end of the 30 days to the best Eco-warrior! Just tag us in your pics of small wins and share what you’re doing – we’d love to see it and it might be helpful to others too.

Here’s a recap of the last few days!

Day One

Take reusable bags shopping

I’m trying to dodge supermarkets as much as possible because it’s just too chaotic! But when I do need to head to the shops, I keep reusable bags in the car ready to grab. I love this jute bag that always reminds me to put it back in the car!

Day Two

Reduce food waste

Keeping food in the house is more important than ever (at the time of writing, we are in a lockdown), as we’re trying to minimise how often we go to the shops. Rather than start on the fresh stuff and leave last week’s food to rot, I decided to get creative.

Easy Peelers were looking past the their best, so I popped them into some jelly for a yummy dessert. To use up some yogurt, we made a layered breakfast by adding cereals and frozen berries.

Nadiya Hussain was speaking on Good Morning Britain on Thursday morning and she gave me an excellent tip for vegetable soup: you can throw in all the odds and ends of veggies that are left in the fridge or leftover from a meal and blend them up to make soup! A little veg can go a long way with a stock cube and boiling water.

Day Three

Plastic-free shopping and bulk-buying

I researched plastic-free shops and found them nearby using Google Maps. I was able to find a milk refill farm and loads of plastic-free shops.

Bulk-buying is something I do regularly, as we live about a mile from a Costco. We usually bulk buy toilet roll and dog food, but also anything else we spot and takes our fancy. Bulk buying means less unnecessary trips in the car, and limits spontaneous purchasing due to the reduced need to ‘pop in’ to a shop.

Tune into the next blog post for the next installment of the 30-day eco-living challenge.

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