Please allow me to introduce myself… Between Green

As I write this post its Sunday 29th March 2020. In the early hours we, following GMT, changed the clocks one hour forward. So being woken up by a hyper German Shepherd seemed a little more bearable when I glanced over to see 7:10am.

Not only are the clocks changing, but we are going through a global adaptation to new ways of living that in some cases are worlds apart from everything we’ve ever known.

My business started not too long ago, a light at the end of the part-time day job that pays my bills. I could be creative and in control. The journey I’ve been on in the last few months and the lessons I’ve learnt have led me to now. Researching how my passion can translate into the world, and maybe even change it a little (see there’s that word again).

A lot has been going on behind the scenes preparing the business for the future and in particular, its sustainability and environmental impact. It’s been on the cards (aka. endless scribbling in my journal) for a while now, but now with the gift of more time at home, its a perfect time to change.

We are now Between Green

As we always have, we specialise in Eco- Friendly gifts and accessories. What will change is introducing new products giving us not only a wider catalogue, but more opportunities for us all to be more environmentally friendly.

Small Changes add up to Big Results

Our Products can help with those changes but its up to you.

So as well as stocking a wide range of Eco- Friendly products we will share stories of other businesses doing their bit for Mother Earth, and we hope to bring you our first review and Guest Blog very soon.

If you follow us on Instagram you will see our products in action @_between_green_

We hope this account will make Eco-Living more accessible to all from sharing Eco bargains online and in stores, to easy-peasy tips you can do right now.

Thanks for all your support, we hope you LOVE the changes as much as we do

Jodie @ Between Green x

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