Eco-friendly living during the Coronavirus Pandemic

So lets face it, were not leaving home any time soon which gives us the perfect opportunity to try new things. Maybe you’re learning a new language, or painting the lounge, but have you thought about changing some of your household products and activites to make them more eco-friendly?

With shelves being wiped out of cleaning products, food and personal care items, why not beat the rush and chaos and order some eco-friendly items straight to your door. I’ve done the hard work and found all the items you need at a great price AND not out of stock!


  • Cleaning products – many popular cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can not only cause skin irritation but once down the pipes go into the oceans.

Why not try…. household cleaning products, such as acetic acid vinegar, baking soda, borax, citric acid anhydrous, Organic coconut oil, naturally occurring glycerin, sodium carbonate, and sodium cocoyl glutamate.

MadeECO Eco-friendly Washing Up Starter Kit

Dont Forget to flush through your drains and pipes with water at least once a week! During the 2003 SARS epidemic, an outbreak occurred in Amoy Gardens where over 300 residents were sickened and 42 died due to transmission via sewage and drainage pipes that had a dried U-bend.

  • In the Bathroom – there are so many alternatives to plastic toothbrushes, cotton buds, face wipes, dental floss and even the trusty toilet brush!

Why not try…. bamboo, reusable, vegan, organic items all found at

If you are able to leave the car at home for your essentials shopping trip we have drawstring back-packs ready for your walk, cycle, run or jog…

  • Workout at home – gyms are closed at the moment but keeping fit and healthy is even more important now we are more sedentary. Choose some at 100% organic active wear from our collection to get that heart rate going and looking great on your Skype, Facebook Live or Zoom workouts
  • Plant-based diet – Supermarkets are struggling at the moment with certain dry products like lentils or beans but there still seems to be steady stock for fruits and vegetables. Dodge the chaos at the supermarket look for local vegetable and fruit box deliveries. Some suppliers deliver straight from the farm so you are supporting a local business in the process.

Why not try… The Veg Box Company in Lancashire

  • Grow at Home – this might be a bit more difficult to get hold of some things you need to get going but a great idea to keep kids and adults busy and get in the garden. Herbs are easy for a window ledge if you have limited room. March/April are best times for potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Why not try… getting some seeds delivered. Check if you can support a small local business by buying online while their stores are closed.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Wash your Hands, Stay Healthy and Stay in Touch!

Love from PrintZillaUK

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