And this is how it starts…

I thought I’d use Today’s Blog to introduce the face behind Between Green, including the why, who, what, when, where…. so get a brew and a blanket and I’ll get started…

My name is Jodie, me and my family live in Greater Manchester. We also have a dog called Pippa

Ive been lucky most of my working life to work for huge companies but It will come as news to no-one that times are a changing. One thing that has been present, since cavemen wrapped the fur from his latest kill round his waist, is clothing. Since I had any say over what I wore (the red wool jumper with a horses head complete with mane wasn’t my choice, cheers mum) ive always gone for a slogan, an image, something interesting. I still remember the “Miss Behave” long sleeved black number from Etam and the “Little Miss Brit” baseball style top I wore during my teenage years living in Belgium.

Thats the thing with clothes. You can speak without saying a word.

As I prepared to write this entry, it made me really think about why I choose clothing with slogans, text and/or images. I’ve always been big. Always rummaging to the back of the rails for the bigger sizes, picking up anything that fit rather than what I liked. And a Tshirt or Hoodie looks good on everyone right? The slogan took it from being a basic essential into a statement. One I was hoping was enough to hide the fact I was a size 16-18 all the way through secondary school. If I was going to be seen, I wanted some control of what they saw.

We live a stones throw away from one of the biggest cities in the UK, and one that is known worldwide (mostly for football, red or blue, I dont care) and we love to go to festivals and concerts. Big gatherings, millions of faces all with their own stories, lives, beliefs and music choice (As you may have noticed from this posts title my choice is The 1975).

I can be heard in the noise of a city,

I can be seen in a crowd,

I have a voice in the silence,

I can say what I want when I want,

I can be inspirational without a stage,

I can practise free speech without demanding anyone to listen,

I can share my views without using anyone’s time,

I can support my friends, family, causes I believe in, charities I want to give exposure to using no energy at all.

Words are good, they can be heard but they can also be ignored, have empty meanings, break trust, break a heart. Its actions that speak louder than words, so grab it, pull it over your head and that’s all the action you need to take (and maybe a quick selfie).

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